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6 software for trucking companies trends on rise in 2017

software for trucking companies

Over 80% of the American population depends on trucking for delivery of goods, as suggested by American Trucking Association (ATA). One can imagine that the impact trucking industry has on the lives of people is huge and hence any trend in software for the trucking industry is bound to impact everyone. We are trying to figure out the top 6 trends in software for trucking companies which are steering the wheel of transportation in supply chain world. Since every disruptive technology trend needs to get validated in the most challenging environment before being credited as a trend which changed the course of industry, we are starting with the most talked about trends first.

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Best vehicle tracking system features that logistics industry need in 2017

Best vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system has surpassed its initial offerings of location stats of carriers in many ways. Not only the tracking has become more efficient but also the best vehicle tracking systems are providing features which are enabling transporters to “View” trips as the first person. A transporter, in the quest of ensuring maximum resource utilisation, couldn’t ask for more. Vehicle tracking systems are coming up with exhaustive solutions to find a way for every detail needed by the transporters or fleet managers to get maximum ROI for their resources.

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Transport software to focus on developing an Omnichannel Supply Chain

Transport software

It is an era where the purchasing behaviour of consumers is going through a drastic change in the lieu of transition from in-store to online e-commerce. This leaves the manufacturers confused for choosing between multichannel transport software or omnichannel transport software. Retailers, for being the one who is bound to keep up with any consumer behaviour change, are still unsure about the type of supply chain which will be more fruitful for the future. We tried to find the correct answer in the facts and figures to know which type of transport software are going to rule in the future. Interestingly, the consumer purchase trends can be broadly classified under 3 segments of millennials, GenX, and seniors(this includes senior citizens as well as baby boomers). It goes unsaid that the current trends for Millennials and GenX are predicted to turn into the trends for senior consumer segment down the line in a decade or two. This means that the trends from this segment will be pivotal in deciding the nature of future transport software.

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Transport management system are going green in 2017

Transport management system

22% of the US based companies maintain a supplier sustainability scorecard, another 23% are developing one. One may wonder why are companies focusing on the sustainability of their supply chain? We will be covering that in the latter part of this blog but the shorter reason is benefits which come with a “Green” Transport Management System. The logistics and transportation industry is increasingly focussing on getting more efficient on board. But the incentivization provided by the government as well as long-term returns have also made them look into solutions which are able to contribute in maintaining low carbon emissions and minimize their carbon footprint.

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Connected Vehicle Management System redefining logistics industry with IOT

Connected Vehicle Management System redefining logistics industry with IOT

Connected vehicle management system is steadily becoming one of the most sought after fleet management solutions in 2017. The studies conducted as recently as 2015 has been able to re-establish the factors which prove a connected vehicle management system as an important influence in achieving a super efficient supply chain. The impact produced by connected vehicle management system in terms of have been quantified to understand the scope of improvements. As concluded in the mentioned study, 67% of the connected fleets have observed improvement in the driver safety behaviour. This can make a tremendous difference in the observed road casualties every year by transportation and logistics industry. Similar positive improvements are observed for vehicle and driver efficiency parameters which have led us to discuss the utility of connected vehicle management system in detail.

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5 Key Vehicle Maintenance Software insights for Preventive Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance software


Vehicle maintenance software is becoming increasingly dependent on preventive maintenance technology. While the reasons for this inclination includes higher ROI generated and more efficient maintenance cycles, preventive maintenance comes with a lot of added benefits. Earlier vehicle maintenance software was regarded as the scheduling software which was used with aim of ensuring periodic maintenance for the fleet. With the advent and inclusion of competitive data analysis in the logistics and transportation field, the quest for improvisation of fleet management process begun. Vehicle maintenance process being an integral part of the fleet management cannot remain unaffected by these developments for long and hence started to embrace profitable maintenance model of preventive maintenance which is based on the competitive data analysis.

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How freight software benefits from E-invoicing

Freight Software

Freight software is revolutionizing faster than ever before. With optimistic projections for freight market in the coming years, logistics and transportation company owners are also looking out for more innovative and efficient freight software to become competitive. But, is investing in a new technology is the only way to improve the efficiency of freight company? Maybe there are few small steps which can make a huge difference in freight company productivity. More often than not, we tend to overlook these small initiatives which can create a big difference in the overall productivity of freight software of the company without any huge investment.

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Most useful IOT for logistics application areas in transportation

IOT for logistics

IOT for logistics has a plethora of applications to discover. To not get overwhelmed by the endless opportunities presented by IOT, Logistics solutions providers and 3PLs often start with prioritizing the requirements. The first step involves seeking a solution for the part of the supply chain which has the biggest impact on the overall efficiency of the logistics company. Warehouses and omnichannel transportation units catered by transportation industry present itself as one of the most decisive segments where supply chain process starts. Last mile delivery being the end part, the transportation business owners are trying to embrace IOT for logistics in an inward approach. That means that the most sought out IOT solutions are designed for the warehouses, distribution centers and dispatch process of the supply chain.

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TMS solutions are using voice picking services to improve efficiency

TMS solutions

Voice picking is one of those revolutionary technologies which is changing the way logistics transportation functions from the employee’s perspective. Most of the times when there is an improvement in the business processes with the help of TMS solutions, it is to become more efficient. We often forget the role of the human resources involved in this quest which can contribute to a greater extent in making the supply chain more productive given that they have equally capable resources. TMS solutions are used at multiple layers in the supply chain and technologies like voice picking make their adoption more feasible for the employees working at different levels of supply chain.

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IOT solutions helping the retail sector in 2017

IOT Solutions

Retailers are showing a greater interest in the cutting edge IOT solutions for business owing to the greater challenges produced by the volatile market nature. With more savvy technologies and business processes based on IOT solutions taking up the space in transportation and logistics market, retailers are also lining up to know which IOT solutions can be beneficial for their part of the job which involves primarily inventory management and dispatch. This means that a majority of the tasks where retailers function involves tracking monitoring and managing huge amount of freight which can become overwhelming at the time in absence of right support. We are figuring out the needed push generated by the IOT solutions for the retailers by closing the gap between them and the challenges faced in the market.


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