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How connected logistics and connected warehouse can bring digital transformation in the entire supply chain.

Connected Logistics and Warehousing

We have heard about Connected Trucking, but what about connected warehousing? There are many moving parts in supply chain operations that are completely disconnected from the logistics technology but have a huge potential if connected. The labor shortage isn’t going away any time soon, the cost of crude oil per barrel isn’t coming down any time soon either and we can count on every logistics job turning into an express service due to rigorous customer demands. Here is an insider’s scoop from DreamOrbit, where a team of 301 members dedicated to digitizing, connecting and transforming world’s many Logistics and Freight companies.

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On Earth Day – Logistics Sustainability is need of the hour and how technology can help?


In 1962, Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring published the case study on how the overuse of this pesticide was polluting rivers and bringing birds like bald eagle on a brink of extinction. Earth day was first created 48 years ago in 1970, after a decade of social activism to save the Earth from modern human activities.

Today, millions of people take part in Earth day. It has exploded into an international day of attention and activism dedicated to protecting the environment. And endorsing Logistics Sustainability is a facet of the very same activism that we see as our responsibility at DreamOrbit. Our message this year is to promote IoT based Logistics Sustainability Software Solutions that will help socially conscious companies to achieve these goals. Here are 3 tips that can kick start your Sustainability strategy –

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IOT solutions helping the retail sector in 2017

IOT Solutions

Retailers are showing a greater interest in the cutting edge IOT solutions for business owing to the greater challenges produced by the volatile market nature. With more savvy technologies and business processes based on IOT solutions taking up the space in transportation and logistics market, retailers are also lining up to know which IOT solutions can be beneficial for their part of the job which involves primarily inventory management and dispatch. This means that a majority of the tasks where retailers function involves tracking monitoring and managing huge amount of freight which can become overwhelming at the time in absence of right support. We are figuring out the needed push generated by the IOT solutions for the retailers by closing the gap between them and the challenges faced in the market.


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Which technology will be in focus for Mobile App Development in 2017

Mobile app development in 2017

Mobile App development has taken the industries by storm as everyone wants to get the best solutions in the fastest and most affordable way. As suggested by Adobe, the segment of business leaders who finds enterprise mobility solutions beneficial for the business stands strong at 77%. Also, with this strong inclination towards tapping the mobile power around 66% of the business owners are looking to increase their investments for mobile app development. It is the time that we look into the specific goals of business owners as well as the needs of the main consumers to anticipate the most valuable trends in mobile space in 2017.

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With Mobility becoming our present, It’s time to unleash the future hidden in IOT Solutions

IOT Solutions

2016 was the year of mobility and mobility trends conquering the business processes of different industries across the globe. Companies, irrespective of their size and domain, jumped on to acquiring best mobility solutions as it seems to be an integral part of future modern business operations. It is not that only mobility is the future for industries anymore. Contrary to that, mobility has penetrated efficiently into the current business practices providing smarter solutions based on the insights from data analysis. We are able to harness the power of data by programming our existing infrastructure to think smartly with IOT. While mobility is becoming the present for industries, a new and an even more exciting future is shaping up under the influence of smart IOT solutions in 2017.

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5 Reasons Why 3PL companies should put technology first and center

5 Reasons Why 3PL companies should put technology first and centre

3PL companies are gradually becoming an integral part of the logistics companies. The changes are promising but the demands and expectations of logistics world are even more aggressive. With the competitive pricings and faster turnaround timings, it is just not enough to put your resources into building a stealthy fleet. 3PL companies are looking towards an astonishingly advanced delivery system for future which will be fueled with the innovative solutions provided by the technology. The terms such as Business Intelligence, IoT, and big data are catching the attention of these industry stalwarts who wants to be the pioneer in inventing future.

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7 crucial questions to ask from your 3PL Software provider

Header Image for 7 crucial questions to ask from your 3PL Software provider

In today’s competitive world, it is difficult to maintain trust even in business. 3 PLs are the specialized service providers for logistics which are beneficial only if employed for longer contracts which means that you need to put a huge amount of time and resources to make things work out. Being a 3PL service provider, you know that you are putting a heavier bet on your side as your complete business depends on these long-term partnerships with clients. A single fault and you might not be in their best options for the next contract. But how to provide exceptional 3PL services for your clients such that they never want to leave the experience of working with you?

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7 qualities of a reliable Logistics Software Partner for your Business

Check out the important parameters for choosing a logistics software partner

In the reigns of globalization, logistics industry is increasingly shifting to a rule of using local approach to delivering global results. By local approach, we mean the modular and scalable business strategies which are meant to increase your reach to all parts of the world. It is not as easy to formulate it as it is to dream of, though. But the stalwarts are doing it with exceptional help from technology.

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DreamOrbit’s Vision for Logistics gets featured in Cargo Connect

DreamOrbit with Cargo Connect Magazine

Sanchit Jain, CEO of DreamOrbit has been recently interviewed by Cargo Connect, a magazine published by Surecom Media. In the interview, Sanchit has shared his insights on the changing dynamics of Logistics industry and how DreamOrbit’s Vision for Logistics fits perfectly with the upcoming evolution. You can download the article here.

About Cargo Connect

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Maritime Gateway Magazine publishes our article about Intelligent Warehousing

Maritime gateway

There are many warehouses that are still searching, picking, moving and processing the shipment either manually or semi-automatically. With IoT in picture, we can create a connected warehouse that operates 10x to 50x faster. An article by Abhishek Porwal, our President & CTO has been published in Maritime Gateway, where he writes about how to bring in digital transformation in manually operating warehouses and earn hidden values out of existing assets.

You can also download the Maritime Magazine article here.

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