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How IoT can improve your Logistics & Supply Chain Business.


IoT is headed towards solving bigger problems for Logistics and Transportation industry starting from streamlining the operations to helping them respond to bottlenecks much better than before.  We have created an infographic that will help you understand how IoT will actually get you better operational efficiency and happier customers.

Here are the real-business scenarios that DreamOrbit has already executed for our customers. A similar article is also published on
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Delivering Hot Pizzas using IoT Technology


It was while working on a project for a logistics firm a few years ago when an entrepreneurial opportunity struck Sanchit Jain and Abhishek Porwal.

“We found that 10 per cent of the cost of a product is getting that product to you, and realised that by using technology we could cut this cost down almost by half, significantly increasing the bottom line for our clients,” Jain said in an interaction with

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How to Use Big Data in Supply Chain Logistics

Big Data Trends in Supply Chain Logistics

Take the plunge instead of just testing waters. Big Data is more than a buzz word and is here to stay with a promised future. The first-generation Big Data tools that are available to the Logistics and Transportation industry mostly focused on Sales, Marketing Customer relationship management and other day-to-day operational functions.

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Top 6 Technology Trends in Logistics and Transportation Industry for 2016

Trends for 2016 in Logistics and Transportation Industry

In 2015, the Logistics and Transportation Industry has witnessed some interesting transformation and trends. The ever increasing demands, new consumption patterns, digital age of commerce and global trade treaties has impacted warehousing and transportation formats. The “first mile” facilities are expanding with e-Commerce boom and the “last mile” facilities are becoming highly localized to support quick deliveries to consumers.

For 2016, our Logistics Product Experts and Trend Analyst are looking forward to second generation of IoT, Big Data and Cloud based products.

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Big data- less about Big, more about Data

Big Data 2015 Technology Trends

Any business local or global are churning out lots of data without even knowing that it can be feeded back to the business for learning new insights, crafting growth strategies and even forecasting future trends.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Warehouse Management

Warehouse management software

If you are still working on excel sheets and trying to figure out your total inventory, out of stock and standing inventory, then you are missing the bigger picture.

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Why We Love Internet Of Things (And You Should, Too!)

Internet of Things

“Alas! I arrive late from work and raid my fridge to find nothing edible. How stupid can a fridge be?? Shouldn’t it know that I am supposed to have Chinese today. How dumb!”

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Impact of Supply Chain & Logistics Operations

Did you know that Supply Chain & Logistics will get $1.9 Trillion boost BY END OF 2020. If not, read the trend report published by DHL and Cisco here

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Mobilizing business on Smart phones & Cloud

Mobile Phones and Cloud Technology has already reshaped business and trading. If the Enterprises don’t have a mobility strategy to get their business on smartphones which would help them yield its true potential in their road-maps then it would be too late.

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Key to Successful CRM Implementation

In today’s era, organizations try to be more and more customer centric; knowing your customers well and giving them personal experience is the mantra to succeed.

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