Do you have a Third Party Logistics Software Solution in place?
Logistics business is extremely process driven and involved immense paperwork which
> Load- Carrier Matching is time consuming
> Leads to information loops and miscommunication
> Costly operations and errors
Freight Software to the rescue
Our custom software development team is here to share the domain experience and build a solution that your organization needs
  • Receive new freight Purchase orders directly from portal
  • Secured login for existing customers to track status of PO, shipment location and related documentation or invoices
  • Assign Relationship Manager to customers and manage communications, notification, chats or feedback from a single portal
  • Provide dashboard & reporting feature to your customers so that they see the savings you make for them.
  • Manage multimodal transportation – Air, Ocean, Rail and Truck
  • Manage multiple Freight Bid Procurements: TL, LTL, Trailer, Bulk, Parcel or Courier
  • Manage different contracts and payment methods for Carriers or independent drivers for single or bulk shipments orders
  • Send, receive and manage documents like BoLs, Master BoLs, EDI based orders and invoices.
  • Manage multiple Warehouse types both owned and outsourced: Private, public, refrigerated or packaging fulfilment
  • Support Barcode Scanning and advanced features of guided or directed put-away, guided or automated picking etc. for express order fulfilment
  • Automate recurring billings and follow-ups for pending collections.
  • Create, manage and print warehouse related documents like receipts, tags, BoLs, Inventory reports etc.
  • Access status of any activity, equipment or an employee involved in operations
  • Analyse data for possible optimization of inventory and resources
  • Monitor performance of your workforce and score your partnered carriers.
  • Track your performance and service levels for every customer. Investigate root cause for damaged shipments
  • Predictive analytics and forecast reports helps your organization plan better for future
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