4 Trucking System Software Solutions which makes you reap amazing profits

4 Trucking System Software Solutions which makes you reap amazing profits

Trucking industry accounted for 70% of the freight transport in the US in 2015. This gives us an idea that about the impact trucking practices can make on the logistics scenario of US. Industry stalwarts are persistently looking for trucking practices which can bring more value to the table without using considerable resources. Looking up to trucking system software is one step ahead in the same direction.

The need and utility of trucking system software, both are unquestionable in the trucking industry. The trucking company owners, who are already struggling with the driver shortage for over a decade now, are adequately informed and aware of the consequences of not adapting to the changing demands of the market with the help of technology. American Trucking Association (ATA) has projected an 81% share from trucking companies in shipping industry revenue for 2016. With the other analysts coming up with the neutral or optimistic outlook for trucking business in 2016, industry is looking forward to bring some strategic changes into the mainstream business practices. One of those changes will be an exhaustive usage of technology solutions to make trucking business as profitable as possible. We are looking briefly at the most promising trucking system software solutions, which can help in improving the trucking practices and reap you some amazing profits in return.   

  • Trucking tracking software

In 2015, there were 3.63 million Class 8 trucks serving on different geographies and are projected to increase to 3.98 million by 2026. Each one of them is a valuable asset for the trucking company which also carries the valuable freight across different geographies. We cannot control the safety parameters for each one of them as it keeps on changing with the kind of demographics in which they are working. But we can improve the surveillance with the help of Trucking tracking software which not only provides the valuable information regarding the location of trucks to the management but also alerts when there is an abrupt change in the planned route for any unit. This helps in acknowledging cases of the hijacking of consignments more diligently and dispatching help for the concerned unit faster.   

  • Trucking scheduling software

The majority of the trucking companies are using LTL carriers with 2 trailers on an average. A sophisticated trucking scheduling software can optimize the run of these carriers by assigning multiple pickup and drop points and picking the right carrier for the same. Trucking scheduling is a complex task with a large number of touchpoints to be covered in order to make the shipping ad hoc as well as dynamic to compensate the volatile nature of freight. The extensive usage of telematics in order to optimize scheduling compiled with the multi-carrier fleet with flexible fitting options is enabling the trucking companies to utilize their fleet up to 100%.

As AT&T’s 2G network to be closed by 1st Jan 2017, the telematics providers will be completely upgrading to the 3G and 4G network compatible devices. This can be revolutionary in its own ways as the scheduling and other network dependent processes will be much faster. The real-time task allocation and intermodal connectivity are surely going to be benefited from this welcoming change.

  • Trucking invoice software

Trucking Invoice Software are taking care of minute tasks such as invoice payment delay reminder as well as auditing the large freight bills. The trucking invoice is finding its relevance as one of the strategic tools to enhance trucking business due to some crucial reasons. The trucking companies need to refer specialists for freight bill payments which bills them for 10-15 minutes per bill in thousands. Trucking invoice & payment software can accomplish the same within seconds incurring fraction of the amount paid to specialists. It also streamlines the cash flow by giving trucking business owners a clear picture about the bottlenecks where they need to squeeze the capital and keep the wheels rolling.

Trucking business deals with a number of payment cycles which also includes the insurance, IFTA taxes, operational expenses, tariffs etc. In a 3rd party logistics study, it is observed that 31% of the companies outsource their freight bill payment and audit tasks, which speaks volumes about the exhaustive nature of invoice and payment management.

  • Truck Routing Software

With the general rate increases (GRIs) for LTLs in 2016 came out as almost 5% (4.9% to be precise), there is a considerable increase in the shipping cost for carriers. GRIs signifies the average increment in the base rate of shipping for LTLs. The GRIs are the average increases which are decided based on the forecasts for the trucking industry. These forecasts suggest the trends in the strategic sectors for trucking, fuel prices, and government regulations and help in judging the overall impact on the trucking industry.

Around 37 billion gallons of diesel is used currently by trucking industry to move the freight. Even after taking a pessimistic average for the reduction in the fuel consumption observed with the usage of a smart routing system, we end up with around 10% of savings. This saves trucking companies not only in monetary terms but also reduces the role of fuel prices in determining the TL and LTL rates. Since the fuel prices are regulated according to a complex dynamics internationally, having a lesser impact of it on the trucking services pricings will help in increasing stability.   

DreamOrbit‘s Truck Routing Software not only helps in cutting down the fuel consumption, it also helps in reducing the man hours invested in moving freight. A well-connected routing system is capable of managing the changes in freight by allocating routes dynamically. This helps in avoiding the longer detention periods of trucks which ends in eating up a major portion of drivers working hours.
A common benefit from all of the above-mentioned software solutions is their ability to reduce the residual waste generated in the trucking industry. Be it the reduction in the paperwork by providing a real time digitally connected Electronic Logging devices (ELDs) or the reduction in fuel consumption with the help of smart routing systems, these solutions are providing a greener option for trucking industry.

We practically can not avoid trucking for the freight business, but we can improve the trucking to a level that the negative impact on the environment can be reduced to the minimum. To check out how you can start using amazing trucking software solutions, check out the trucking system software from DreamOrbit. 

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