5 benefits of Electronic Logbook Software for logistics companies

5 benefits of Electronic Logbook Software for logistics companies

ELD mandate makes it compulsory for all the carriers to get installed with Electronic Logging Devices supplemented by electronic logbook software by December 2017. While the industry which consists of trucking company owners, truck drivers, and freight owners has mixed reactions to this mandate, nobody is denying the positive impact it is going to have in the long term. A uniform implementation of ELD system across the verticals might take a dig at the profits of those who earn by inflating the miles, but it is definitely going to ensure that the freight is in much safer and efficient hands. While safety enhancement is one of the most important advantages of electronic logbook software the list doesn’t stop here. We are figuring out the ways in which ELD system contributes to your company.

What triggered a mandate for Electronic Logbook Software?

But let’s first think about the reasons which compelled the government to come up with the ELD mandate. And again, the mandate is not a smooth one to implement. On a counter plea submitted by Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), US court of appeals has upheld the mandate as on 31st Oct 2016. The OOIDA its own concerns and reservations against the ELD mandate pushed by FMCSA which ranges from the management issues to the personal surveillance and data safety problems. But that doesn’t nullify the need and effectiveness of the technology itself. Many freight companies are proactively using electronic logbook software in their carriers to provide better support to the drivers.

What triggered a mandate for Electronic Logbook Software

What triggered a mandate for Electronic Logbook Software

  • Fatigue management

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HOS fines which are imposed due to disproportionate hours of services (HOS) detected marked a $250 million figure in 2015. Not a great sign when the government, as well as freighters, are trying to make transportation safer and cost effective. But with the ever growing driver shortage in the industry, fatigue management often takes a back seat and human limitations are pushed to a dangerous level. The drivers have consistently signed up 14-hour driving shifts for weeks. Even after that the proper rest and sleeping patterns are often neglected due to the auxiliary duties associated with the freight transportation such as maintaining logbooks, fueling, loading and unloading. It is unfortunate yet not surprising that there were 1,00,000 crashes reported by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) due to driver fatigue. electronic logbook software is aimed to track the discrepancies which cause these issues.

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  • FMCSA regulations

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) is regularly revised and suggests the mandates with a view to making the transportation safer. The ELD mandate also came through it and is focussed on improving the HOS for the drivers who are putting an insane amount of time only driving and not taking proper rest. On one hand, the practice is lucrative for drivers as it gets them a chance to inflate miles and earn extra bucks, on the other hand, the practice increases the danger of accident due to the inefficient performance from a tired driver. With electronic logbook software mandate, FMCSA is affecting 3.4 million drivers.  

[bctt tweet=”With electronic logbook software mandate, FMCSA is affecting 3.4 million drivers.” username=”DreamOrbit”]

  • Driver Safety

It is not only freight which gets damaged during a crash, it is often the driver who suffers the major damages. Since the electronic logbook software is a digital solution where tampering with the recorded data is more difficult than the manual process, drivers tend to be more conscious about breaking the safety rules by rash driving. A constant vigilance which is there to promptly mark down any wrong move or unexpected mishap is helpful in figuring out whether the problem lies and insurance claim.

  • Vehicle Safety

After the driver, the carrier receives the burden of long trips, halts and unavoidable wearing effect from the atmosphere. If there is a drop in the fuel efficiency or vehicle performance, ELD is the first-hand reference to spot it. The data, which is stored in the digital form is easy to retrieve, compare and analyze for any damage to the vehicle with the help of electronic logbook software. Since it displays the performance oriented changes, any internal damages can also be easily detected.

  • Carrier Tracking

electronic logbook software helps in noticing any unusual halt or deviation from the specified route for the carrier. In extreme cases, where the driver is invalid to request for help or inform about potential damage or hijacking of the freight carrier, this facility promptly alerts the distribution center about the situation. This not only saves time, in most of the cases it has been of eminent use to get back the freight carrier without any loss. Constant tracking helps in tackling the cases where knowing the whereabouts of the carrier become a major challenge to dispatch help.

Electronic Logbook software is the easiest and most cost effective solution present these days to make the driver’s shifts less stressful. Yet the reservations which are keeping the logistics companies to accept it without a shred of doubt are duly addressed by the DreamOrbit team. At DreamOrbit the leaders have tried to make personal data as safe as possible without losing out on the key insights which can help in improving the fleet management processes. Thus making the transition free of any apprehensions and a more confident step towards embracing advanced technology.

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