5 boons a truck broker software can give to your trucking company

5 boons a truck broker software can give to your trucking company

Over 63% of the truck drivers are spending more than 3 hours in detention at the dock. Rarely they are able to collect the detention fee which is levied over the extra time spent on the detention of more than 2 hours. This ends up them paying the fine amount which increases the running cost with over few hundred dollars. Not a great feeling for trucking company owners when they sit to analyze their balance sheets. Brokers feel helpless to manually manage a large amount of freight on different carriers, without a proper system in place. And that’s when the need to devise a truck broker software rang to the truckers.

In order to close the leakages in the trucking and freight industry, trucking companies are pointing out the areas where some technology solution is direly needed to bring down the expenses under control. Truck broker software solutions work in one of these areas. Brokers can manually manage the carriers only up to a level and where the multi-carrier fleet is involved, things go out of hand very fast. This can be avoided by giving your brokers the needed expert help for managing the carriers. It is not only going to make life simpler (and more bearable) for them, it will also be helping you to get higher ROI by streamlining the operations. Truck drivers are going to be the biggest fans for the freight broker system if they come to know the amount of time and energy they are able to save for truck drivers by reducing the detention time.

It is difficult to know the difficulties of the freight broker without being one. That’s why we are bringing you the most coveted features in a truck broker software which are capturing the top spot for any broker’s wish list.

  • Faster & Simpler Dispatch Management

Dispatch can be a tedious job if you are not able to see the complete information about the fleet and loads at one go. And while doing so you also need to be aware of the future needs and demands to compensate. Simpler and magically faster dispatch management solutions are devised to keep you ahead of the game every time you have to dispatch ever a small parcel.   

  • Multicarrier Integration & Management

It is useful as well as tedious to flaunt a multi-carrier fleet. You can have a number of combinations and plans to carry out a freight and yet you are confused and need more time to think that which one can be of best help. A software solution doing all that calculations for you can save a lot of time and eventually come out to be more accurate than the manual calculations.

  • EDI Based real time Documentation

With the ELDs going to be a compulsory norm from the December 2017 as suggested by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), truck brokers are already thinking about how to make most of it. Electronic data interchange not only reduces the decision time between different departments it also makes the information transparent and more easily available for all. Reduced paperwork is always better to make things roll faster and farther.  

  • Instant Bid Procurement & Sales portal

Accessing load boards instantly and pitching your bid at the right time can do the wonders your business has never seen before. Getting the right spot at right shipments not only helps you to move your freight faster it also saves you from adding extra carriers on an assignment when it can also be done with the same resources. The integrated sales portal can simultaneously negotiate for quotes and pricings without letting the client go out of your sight even for few crucial and strategic hours.    

  • Unmatched Customer Support

When you are confident about the services, tracking locations, pricing quotes and dispatch, your client sense it. It also brings them a greater confidence in you if they can see that their precious loads are safe with us and are going to be handled by some of the smartest professionals of the industry. This image can be created only by having an open communication with clients for most of the time and being able to answer queries most of the time.

Apart from having key features in place, truck brokers are seeking for a software solution which carries the intelligence of adapting to tomorrow. One thing we need to concentrate on here is the dependency your trucking company is going to generate on truck broker software. This software works almost 24/7 and needs to be the bridge between different professionals whether they are working on office, road or truck for that matter. It is not easy to change or remove them every year because they inherit the whole system and change are difficult if even one glitch occurs.   

What a truck broker software definitely needs to have for you?

To avoid any future regret, it is better to get your priorities straight right from the start. As a truck broker, you will be needing the technology help to assess the situation on some keys points. These key features are again utilized in different aspects of truck broking to perform different tasks, but the core expertise remains same. Let’s check out the fundamental properties which are must haves in a valuable truck broker software.

  • Irreplaceable Business intelligence

Truck broker system is going to help you in taking much strategic decision ranging from bid procurement to the deciding the delivery span. This needs to have a smart business intelligence expertise in place which is able to manage and analyze the data flawlessly for you to make accurate judgments.

  • Seamless API Integration

On the spot delivery confirmation via XML integration, ELD stats communication, real-time load boards, freight management with dynamic routing are few strategic segments which make life easy for trucking companies. They also work on different APIs, your truck broker software being the backbone which needs to work in coherence with all of them, have to integrate with these systems. If your truck broker software is out of sync or incompatible with even one of them, you are going to waste a lot of energy to find the other way round which might not be worth the complete hassle.

  • Start anytime, anywhere with cloud

Cloud is the way to future. Especially with the trucking business which keeps on rolling 24/7, it is important to have a system in place which gives you freedom from physical boundaries. Cloud solutions give you the liberty to access, operate and analyze your standing business from anywhere in the world at any time. The data security is another feature which makes the cloud solutions need of the hour.

Trucking is gradually becoming more data intensive and analytical to generate better results and profitable operations. It is increasingly becoming dynamic and real time. To match these changing scenario and suffice to these requirements, DreamOrbit is regularly coming up with innovative solutions yielding the desired results for the companies. 

To get your trucking business at the same pace of the industry, you definitely need to look up to the technology solutions available and master the business. An efficient truck broker system gives you the needed edge to be at right place at right time. Check out truck broker software from DreamOrbit to start using one.

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DreamOrbit is a Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Development company. We have been creating meaningful and reliable software products for the industry which is “Always on the go” for the past half decade. We are highly motivated team aimed at innovation. Our philosophy is to “keep challenging the potential within”.  With the support of our happy customers and dedicated team, we strive to provide best possible solutions to industry problems. Visit our website to know more about DreamOrbit.

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