5 Courier Dispatch Software features which adds value to your business

5 Courier Dispatch Software features which adds value to your business

“Dispatch like Uber!”

That’s a lot more pleasant compliment for the shippers than the Uber when it comes to delivering couriers to the growing B2C segment. Courier Dispatch Software are converting this pleasant dream into reality for the manufacturers and shippers. This has remarkably improved the capacity and prospects for the manufacturers to tap the B2C segment which is growing significantly in North America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Demand is not the only strong parameter over which growth of retail sector depends on these days. A significant part of this growth is supplied with the help of e-commerce. With this delivery and advancements in supply chain becomes equally important. This is a reason which propels the fact that 77% of the retailers are looking for an increase in the investments in their delivery model in the next 2 years. Apart from diversification of delivery options, which is one of the most desirable facilities for customers according to 80% of the retailers, there are multiple ways in which the last mile delivery can be made much more efficient and faster.

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Why should you focus on Courier Dispatch Software?

Last mile delivery is in a revolutionary phase. We can see various market leaders experimenting with everything from drones to 3D printing to develop faster and more flexible courier dispatch system. While everyone is going to grab the latest and savviest technology available in the market, there are few who are focussing on implementing the already available tech solutions accurately. Not necessarily the emerging tech solutions prove out to be the sustainable ones. Therefore, till the time everyone is able to hire drones for courier deliveries, shippers need to focus on the ways to make the existing courier dispatch system smarter.

There are a number of tweaks, no matter how small they are, which can improve the performance of courier dispatch system with a huge margin. These improvements are not cost intensive and hence delivers a higher ROI over the conventional methods of dispatch.

  • FCs supporting DCs

Retailers are rethinking their complete supply chain to make deliveries more efficient even if it mean that they need to change their network design. Distribution centers (DCs) are now being supported by small fulfillment centers (FCs) which help them to deliver all parts of shipment in one package rather than delivering them from multiple centers resulting in multiple shipments. This helps in reducing the delivery cost while keeping the success rate of delivery for complete consignment high as multiple deliveries and pickups mean more possibilities of delivery returns. Hence, Distributed Order Management (DOM) level is embracing the rule for getting FCs more actively participated in the final deliveries.

  • Predictive Delivery

Predictive delivery is helping in multiple ways in making smarter decisions for shippers. But the most useful feature which predictive analysis adds in the supply chain is the feasibility to “predict” the time of delivering by making an accurate estimation of shipping time. The process is far more complicated than it seems as there are multiple factors such as availability of the product at the FC, sourcing and logistics are involved. With precise and accurate delivery time estimation the delivery fails can be reduced to up to 25% which is a huge relief for the retailers. Amazon has already taken a step further by patenting “Anticipatory shipping” in December 2013, but it doesn’t mean those other e-commerce giants can’t take the benefits of predictive programming. The only thing it reinstates is the immense potential of predictive analysis holds for efficient and smart shipping.  

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  • Cloud based services

Courier dispatch software works with a humongous amount of data generated in the process. It is imperative that the data security, access, and handling remains the prime concern for any courier dispatch company other than ensuring timely deliveries. Dispatch software based on cloud model are the most successful solutions so far. They are quoted as one of the fastest to start with and easy to switch to. It doesn’t mean that you will need to cut down on any of the functionalities which you are otherwise going to seek in the dispatch management. Dispatch management software services are coming up with trial versions of their software solutions which can be used by the dispatchers in the real time environment to be fully confident about it. This flexibility comes into picture when you don’t have to be cautious about added installation charges and resources spent. Therefore, cloud-based services are the future for dispatch.

  • Mobility Solutions

Generation and even dispatch of work orders are done with the help of mobile devices these days. There is an increasing emphasis on shifting to the on-the-go or mobility solutions to initiate the deliveries faster. Image retrieval for digital proof of deliveries, GPS tracking through mobile tracking system and routing and yard navigation are also accomplished with the help of mobility solutions available. This way field mobility solutions are increasing the revenue without compromising on security or process efficiency.

  • Actionable data analysis

Rerouting, planning, inventory management and even job allocation can be improved with the help of actionable insights achieved from the data. The best part about the data analysis done and used in dispatch is that the data is generated by the in-house operations and will add up in the value of the services provided. Big data is the next big thing for the dispatchers who have recognized that fast deliveries and low-cost operations are not the only parameters where they need to fare well. The improving decision-making process is also part of the next generation challenges which can be overcome with the use of smart data analysis.

There is a strong reason that 86% logistics leaders are positive about the impact of technology in improving the business and are therefore looking out for more innovative solutions. And the reason is results generated after embracing technology. The impact and efficiency dispatchers are able to achieve with the help of courier dispatch software is commendable as well as tempting in the competitive scenario.  

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