5 Important questions to ask from your TMS solution providers

5 Important questions to ask from your TMS solution provider

Within the first 6 months of introducing your logistics business with a TMS, your cost savings can rise to as high as 33%. This quite tempting, isn’t it? Most of the logistics business owners will answer in affirmation. But only the ones who have gone through the painful process of finding a right TMS solution and more importantly a reliable TMS software provider can understand the true difficulties hidden in the quest. To know why selecting the right TMS solution provider is so important for business, apart from the benefits a TMS can fetch you, you also need to know that the same decision can backfire too.

Transport management system (TMS), when opted, becomes integral part of your business. Just like the core business functionalities they are used for, TMS can’t be easily changed. It means that if the decision for opting a particular TMS goes wrong, you might end up cleaning the repercussions for a longer time than expected, not to mention the resources and time wasted. That’s why it is imminent that while opting for a TMS you are completely assured and satisfied with the capability and services provided by the TMS solution provider. It doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of time to assess every detail about the detail, you can focus on few strategic details which are directly related to the impact the said TMS can have on your business. According to the recent omni channel reports, only 60% respondents are using TMS. The inhibition of faster adoption of TMS solution might be hidden in not knowing the right questions to ask. With the following questions, you will be able to assess the usability and benefits of having the same TMS pragmatically.  

  • What is the reputation of TMS solution providers in the market?

Getting a reliable TMS solution provider who can give you the accurate picture about the total cost of ownership for the solutions as well as the best available options are tricky. You need to be well informed about the market and services you are asking. But you can never know more than the TMS service provider and that’s why we suggest referring the past as well as the present clientele. It can give you a clear and most reliable premises to judge that whether the particular TMS service provider is able to maintain long term satisfied relationships with clients or not.

This also makes you more confident about the decision. If the TMS service provider is already working with the bests of industry, chances are higher that you will be able to choose from the most advanced services available in the market.

  • What are the measures that TMS software provider can take for freight management?

Freight management is dynamic in nature to the extent that it can play havoc to your ongoing assignments. That’s why the TMS software services should be able to quickly adapt to the changing freight scenario and should be able to do this frequently. Apart from the real-time routing and other communications, it is important to make services as dynamic as possible. It would be great if your TMS service provider can prove a past record of taking up challenging projects for a wide range of clients and achieving successful completion for them.

  • Which TMS solutions are their main forte?

It is always better to let the TMS solutions provider suggest you the best fit for services for your business. The advice is going to be inclined towards their forte, accept it. Now you got the best services provided by them, all you need to do is to gauge whether these are exactly what you need to have for your business at this point in time. Asking for multiple quotes from different TMS solutions providers is always better. Companies are increasingly looking for the data analytics expertise which can help them in taking industry specific decisions based on the existing data and past trends. If your TMS solutions provider can help you trace the path towards a better future, go for it.

  • What are the strategic services provided by the TMS software provider?

If you belong to the e-commerce industry it is important to know the raging trends in the industry. This brings you to the most strategic services provided by the TMS providers. Even at premium cost, it is worthy to try these services as they can play an eminent role in keeping you ahead in the competition. Most of the supply chain and logistics companies keeps pushing their TMS solutions providers for better and more advanced solutions, be one of them. In 2016, automated carriers, IOT and cloud solutions are making revolutionary changes in the way freight management and logistics works. Today 24% of the enterprises are working on cloud and the figure is rising very fast.

  • What is the Total cost of Ownership for the TMS solution provided?

Total Cost of Ownership often turns out to be the biggest pain point for the logistics businesses nullifying all the benefits said TMS solution can provide for them. Incorporating a TMS solutions in your logistics business needs to be validated on multiple levels. Adaptability and relevance being the major reasons behind the failure of TMS solutions for the business. Unpredictable TCO being the third biggest reason. An advanced query about each and every service cost need to be initiated from clients in order to avoid any irrational surprises. Training, support, and maintenance may be chargeable or nonchargeable depending on the nature of services provided by different TMS solution providers. It is better to calibrate every potential future cost against the ROI that TMS is going to generate for your logistics business.  


This is definitely not an exhaustive list of queries to be made before deciding a TMS. But it is a start. TMS solutions help you to extract greater value from your existing business which is crucial in 2016 as the margins are shrinking beyond sustainable limits. Effective TMS solutions can expand your reach and capabilities enormously without investing heavily in core infrastructure, therefore it is always wise to opt for one.  

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