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Vehicle maintenance software is becoming increasingly dependent on preventive maintenance technology. While the reasons for this inclination includes higher ROI generated and more efficient maintenance cycles, preventive maintenance comes with a lot of added benefits. Earlier vehicle maintenance software was regarded as the scheduling software which was used with aim of ensuring periodic maintenance for the fleet. With the advent and inclusion of competitive data analysis in the logistics and transportation field, the quest for improvisation of fleet management process begun. Vehicle maintenance process being an integral part of the fleet management cannot remain unaffected by these developments for long and hence started to embrace profitable maintenance model of preventive maintenance which is based on the competitive data analysis.

The preventive maintenance model for vehicle maintenance software works on the ability to figure out the optimum state for the vehicle where it needs maintenance or a repair visit to avoid any unexpected breakdown during the trip. While this keeps the on trip breakdowns at bay it also ensures that the vehicle is able to complete maximum time it can on road with full efficiency. Some of the key insights about preventive maintenance based vehicle maintenance software are discussed below.

Your Data is your true treasure

Though the preventive maintenance helps in avoiding unexpected breakdowns and developing accurate repair and maintenance models, it can do so on the basis of few important factors. The fodder for an effective maintenance schedule comes from the data generated by the fleet which contains key information regarding past breakdowns, mileage, and performance of the parts of carriers. Therefore keeping a track of the KPIs or service schedule with respect to the repair and breakdown events is important. Based on the analysis for the carrier schedule and maintenance log, the preventive model is developed which takes into consideration the past breakdowns and wearing effects on the important vehicle parts. Without accurate data and its intelligent analysis, there can be no preventive maintenance schedule developed by vehicle maintenance software.

Preventive scheduling is the backbone of preventive vehicle maintenance

One of the most important parameters which define the success of the vehicle maintenance software is the improvement in the fleet lifecycle or ROI generated. More and more vehicle maintenance software are embracing preventive scheduling these days because it helps them to achieve higher ROI on the investments made on them. Preventive scheduling saves the logistics companies on every aspect of fleet maintenance. Lesser breakdowns improve carrier health which in turn contributes to profitable benefits such as higher mileage, lesser idling conditions, higher fuel efficiency and lesser downtime. But all these factors are dependent on the accurate preventive scheduling of the carriers as the aim is to achieve an optimized situation where the repair cost, as well as the downtime, can be reduced providing higher ROI.

Cost Optimization through Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance models in vehicle maintenance software are becoming popular because they are able to deliver more profitable results than other vehicle maintenance software. Implementation of vehicle maintenance software needs investment which needs to be earned back in the form of savings incurred due to its implementation. With the help of comprehensive reports and analysis of the expenditures on vehicle maintenance and operations, the impact on the fleet can be deciphered. An efficient preventive maintenance based vehicle maintenance software is able to deliver higher ROI with the help of savings with lesser fuel consumption, lesser vehicle parts purchase cost, lesser unexpected breakdowns resulting in trip schedule disruption and lower downtime for the carriers.

Tracking & analyzing MRO supplies

Logistics and transportation business depends heavily on prompt Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) supplies assistance for their fleet. With a transparent vehicle maintenance software system, the MRO supplies can be tracked and analyzed for more beneficial purchasing decisions in the future. It also helps the fleet management by estimating future requirements. This estimation can be used as a benchmark to understand the needs for which the inventory needs to be equipped. This helps in negating the scenarios where the maintenance time is prolonged due to unavailability of needed parts which in turn helps in reducing the downtime for the carrier.

Effective integration with Fleet Management System

The very basic motive behind investing in a vehicle maintenance software is to ensure that in lieu of maintenance the schedule for freight transportation doesn’t suffer. This can be possible only when the fleet management system is properly integrated with the vehicle maintenance software system. Since most of the logistics businesses are adopting fleet management systems which are already integrated with a vehicle maintenance system, integration seldom becomes an issue. But when a vehicle maintenance software opts exclusively, integration and adaptability are the basic requirements which should not be overlooked.

Even though not directly, the preventive maintenance data analyzed by vehicle maintenance software is very helpful in understanding the vehicle conditions. If the carrier is allotted to the same driver for a longer period of time, the type of breakdowns also suggests few key points about the driving style it is subjected to. Harsh driving behavior, rash driving, sudden breaks or extended idling periods explains faster wearing off for the key parts such as breaks. It also helps in calibrating the timeline for the next expected breakdown. Therefore we can say that vehicle maintenance software not only helps in implementing preventive maintenance practices but also helps in understanding the carrier condition through analytical reports.

With the main focus on improving the lifecycle of carriers and reducing the sudden breakdowns which create chaos in the planned trips, vehicle maintenance software are embracing preventive maintenance technology at a fast pace. The queries encountered by the experienced team of Dreamorbit often reflects the concerns described above. Dreamorbit team strives to address each of these concerns by providing innovative vehicle maintenance software solutions to its reputed clientele and new customers. To know more about efficient vehicle maintenance software, get in touch with the team for a quick discussion.

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