5 Reasons Why 3PL companies should put technology first and center

5 Reasons Why 3PL companies should put technology first and centre

3PL companies are gradually becoming an integral part of the logistics companies. The changes are promising but the demands and expectations of logistics world are even more aggressive. With the competitive pricings and faster turnaround timings, it is just not enough to put your resources into building a stealthy fleet. 3PL companies are looking towards an astonishingly advanced delivery system for future which will be fueled with the innovative solutions provided by the technology. The terms such as Business Intelligence, IoT, and big data are catching the attention of these industry stalwarts who wants to be the pioneer in inventing future.

It is not a big surprise that e-commerce giant Amazon even tried to do last mile deliveries via drone, after all, someone has to take the first step. Even though many are still skeptical about the inclusion of drones for last mile delivery we never know when it will be an integral part of our daily life (Remember the skepticism internet received in its early age?). The least we can learn from the revolutionary changes technology has made in our daily lives is to never underestimate it. Technology can make you go from one part of the globe to another in hours, and who knows it might just be the matter of time when we are able to move in seconds for such rides.

  • Transparent operations; Bringing trust and accountability

3PLs are able to make their services more visible to their clients with the help of real-time status updates about the fleet and inventory. This gives the logistics partners a higher level of satisfaction and trust for assured completion of services. 84% of the 3PL customers agree that an automated way of communicating approvals, requests, and other strategic decisions helps them to have a better relationship with 3PL providers. 60% 3PLs are already investing to make their orders, shipments and inventory more visible to their customers.

  • High rate of successful and on-time deliveries; propelled by BI

There are many unexpected reasons due to which your tentative deliveries can affect. Traffic congestion, climatic conditions, best routes, driver stats and past data plays a major role in judging the best plan for the next consignment. Business Intelligence solutions read the data for you and give you the most accurate output for choosing the best combination of these parameters which ensures that you deliver on time always. In 2014, 97% of shippers and 93% of 3PLs agreed that improved, data-driven decision making is essential to the future success of their supply chain activities and processes. We saw the validation of this perspective with the results generated in 2015.

  • Better asset management with RFID and sensors

RFID, Barcode readers, OBD-2 Sensors, and scanners are few of the options you can opt for making your cargo more connected and trackable. It goes unsaid that it relieves you from the pressure of worrying about the safety of your cargo. No matter how crazy it sounds, but you can really protect your smallest of the shipped products even after sitting thousands of miles away with the help of these tracking devices.  

  • Greater connectivity, thanks to IoT solutions

Machine to machine communication is not unseen nowadays. When your refrigerator can speak to your mobile, then why not your business assets? Event based updates and alert notifications are automatically streamlining the process. And the best part is you don’t need a higher level of human interference in this regard. By 2015, 26.5% of the 3PL companies were already using IoT to speed up the operations. If that’s not enough, 46.62% are planning to use these in near future.

  • Potential to achieve unrestricted Scalability in low cost

Scalability is an unavoidable challenge for most of the 3PL companies. How to expand and take up next level projects without burning out in operational cost is the question everyone is haunted with. But when you include technology in the scenario, the equation changes. More than 60% leading 3PL companies are using cloud solutions extensively to beat the competition. Exceptional operational practices become your forte and the support given by tech is scalable to any level, covering all the areas you can be worried about.

Infographic for 5 Reasons Why 3PL companies should put technology first and centre

Infographic for 5 Reasons Why 3PL companies should put technology first and center

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