5 useful Software For Truck Drivers to make trucking less stressful

5 useful Software For Truck Drivers to make trucking less stressful

Even though trucking industry constitutes around 70% of the freight transportation in the US, it consistently struggling with the lack of truck drivers. At the median age of 46.5 years, the largest serving group of truck drivers is 45-54 yr old age group, no awards for guessing how close they are to retirement. Trucking companies are gradually trying to make the job more comfortable and lucrative for the available to compensate this shortage. Empowering truck drivers with useful software solutions is a step ahead.

Around 34% of the freight, transportation cost is invested in the truck driver wages. But the overall impact on the nature of the job might not be very significant to attract the younger drivers in the age group of 18-21 yr towards this demanding job. Long working hours, unexpected layovers increasing detention time, unhealthy work conditions are deterrents for the young drivers to take up the challenge in spite of slightly higher pay structure. Lesser workforce also means that there is need of assistance for the truck drivers who are stretching themselves to deliver on time. Obviously, there are regulations in place to ensure that the capabilities of drivers are unquestionable by restricting the driving hours. But trucking companies can definitely use some technology assistance which can ease the burden from the drivers. At the current rate, the truck driver shorter is expected to reach 1,75,000 by 2024. Freight transportation is not showing any signs of slowing down and if the truck driver shortage continues to grow, we can only speculate the negative effects of it on the overall freight transportation scenario.

Apart from deregulating the stringent hiring rules, which makes it almost impossible to meet the shortage of truck drivers, trucking companies know that they need to come up with something more. They know that their advanced fleet means nothing to them until they have dedicated truck drivers to drive them. Many trucking companies are coming up with the innovative technology solutions to ease the burden for the stressful job of truck drivers. These solutions are devised with the objective of making trucking services safer, more comfortable and well assisted for the driver as well as the shipment. Few immensely popular solution used by the trucking companies for the truck drivers are as follows.    

  • Accounting software for truck drivers

Accounting software is becoming more sophisticated to take into account every trait whether good or bad into consideration while calculating wages. It is only human to follow a practice which is especially rewarded. With the help of driver behavior analysis which can be obtained by the tracking software, trucking companies can decide to reward for following best safety practices. General safety measures such as pulling the seatbelt every time the driver is onboard, following all traffic rules and maintaining the speed limits across the trips can be analyzed and accordingly incentivized to improve the driving practices of truck drivers.

  • Truck logbook software

A small kit can reduce the hassle for truck drivers to maintain the paperwork while on the go. Truck Logbook software ensures that the driver’s daily logging is done regularly and communicated to warehouse promptly. The drops and pick ups are logged in on real time basis along with the tracking of the carriers exact location. Due to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), any payment receipt or permissions can be obtained instantly from database irrespective of the carrier location. This reduces the added work for drivers to maintain paperwork during trips. For greater adaptability and ease of use, these electronic logbooks are available on android as well as iOS platforms and integrates with multiple devices.

  • Blackbook software

In the majority of the mishaps observed on the highway, it is observed that the main reason is driver negligence or fatigue. These stats makes it difficult for the trucking companies to claim insurance for the freight loss and any healthcare backing for the driver. Blackbook software records the driver’s commands to the second and can work as a dependable aid to know the final moments which triggered the accident. It can be a huge relief for the trucking companies as well as the drivers to get proper claims for any casualty which is not caused by them but ended up in making them pay for it.

Blackbook software also helps in analyzing the critical events before the mishap and improve the driver’s safety training program to offer better guidance. It can help drivers to prepare better for similar situations and take quick decisions.

  • Critical Event Reporting (CER)

Critical Event Reporting gives you the videos of the complete trip. It gives you the exact vision which the truck drivers have and the events recorded can help in framing a better risk management plan by knowing the key parameters of these events. CER adds great value to the trucking companies as they can add it in their driver’s training program to give an actual view of the critical events to the drivers. It is a low-cost solution which also puts the drivers accountable for the actions taken by them and hence ensures lesser cases of slackness in following safety rules.   

  • Dispatch and Routing Software

Dispatch and Routing software are of immense help for truck drivers to get on the road quickly and smoothly. Dispatch software helps them to save their precious work hours by not wasting it while standing on the dock. Truck drivers can have uninterrupted access to the next dispatch details too even while traversing in remote locations. This gives them the crucial information for a better-planned trip. It helps the trucking companies to dispatch faster and first and then sort the other calculations. Routing software is equipped with the intelligent analytics and data inputs which guide the truck drivers about the easier routes. With real-time dynamic routing, drivers also get to avoid any route which is blocked by an unexpected mishap. With the help of smart predictions from the routing software, drivers can be assured of completing a secure and smooth trip.

Around 10% of the accidents observed on the highway are attributed to the driver fatigue. If we are able to reduce the stress observed by drivers due to long freight transportation, we may also be able to control the casualties and freight loss observed in these accidents. Getting some assistance from technology part is always a welcomed move. Trucking software solution providers, such as DreamOrbit, are now gearing up to make their solutions adequately capable of catering to driver needs too. Yard navigation, GPS tracking, and ELD are the few features which are already in use. With some more advanced routing and warning systems in place, we can hope for a safer and more efficient freight transportation from smiling truck drivers.

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