7 crucial questions to ask from your 3PL Software provider

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In today’s competitive world, it is difficult to maintain trust even in business. 3 PLs are the specialized service providers for logistics which are beneficial only if employed for longer contracts which means that you need to put a huge amount of time and resources to make things work out. Being a 3PL service provider, you know that you are putting a heavier bet on your side as your complete business depends on these long-term partnerships with clients. A single fault and you might not be in their best options for the next contract. But how to provide exceptional 3PL services for your clients such that they never want to leave the experience of working with you?

Clients believe what they see. Apart from your fleet, which obviously plays an important role to assure them of your caliber, you need to convince that your services are safest and best they can opt for. Technology does play an important role in tracking and spearheading logistics.

  • Which 3PL Software solutions are advisable?

You can use the services of a 3PL Software provider in amazing ways. It can assist you from Workforce Management System, Client Process Assurance Management,

On-Demand Self Service Management, Order Management and many more aspects of your Logistics. But which one are the more essential for you? Which can be irreplaceable in future and hence needs a properly trained staff, which ones can be skipped since you do not work much in that domain, all these details are subject specific which needs to be understood from the service provider.

  • Will I be getting customizable solutions?

3PL differ from 2PL because 3PLs inherently works on larger demographics with different teams under their belt. This helps them to forge strategic alliances with different Logistics companies on different scales. Therefore 3PLs have their unique set of requirements which cannot be always answered by a standardized solution. You don’t need to be afraid of asking for customizable solutions thinking that since it will be only for you, you cannot ask for it. It doesn’t work that way. A wide variety of 3PL service providers are willing to take part in your thought process and decisions to satiate your requirements at best.

  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership for services?

Technology help in Logistics business can go awry if you have not judged the cost of ownership correctly. Once implemented, there is little or no way to retract, you can always seek help from a different software solution provider but the time and resources drained in the pursuit are irreplaceable. Ask in advance about the installation cost, backup expenses, operational expenses and support fees. It will give you a better idea that whether your investments are giving you a sustainable ROI or not.  

  • How updated you are with the latest solutions?

Cloud-based solutions are in rage currently for all the right reasons. It gives you data backup, security from material losses and doesn’t need any major manual installations which can become a headache at a later stage. Everything goes as smooth and fast as it can.

  • What is the value you are adding in my services?

Talk in terms of ROIs and be clear about your expectations which you should set up on the basis of total cost of ownership suggested to you. Being a logistics provider, all you would want at any day is taking a support which can accelerate your plans to grow exponentially. Scalable solutions which add value in terms of making you faster, simpler and much more efficient is what you should be looking for.

  • How “Easy” or “Adaptable” your solutions are?

Effective and cutting edge software solutions which cannot be adapted by your workforce is the last thing you need to have on board. For any software solution provider, the user is the main subject around which solutions are designed. If your inventory managers and drivers are not able to understand the instructions or inputs provided by the software solutions, you need to think of a better one.

  • What is the support system for any technical glitch?

The main agenda of investing in technology is to optimize your work hours and other resources. Any technical glitch in the solutions provided directly affects your business, that’s why they need to be resolved as soon as possible. But do you have this surety that any situation can be instantly resolved with the help of a 24/7 backup team? If not, you better reconsider such scenarios where you are on your own to face them.

3PL Infographic: 7 crucial questions to ask from your 3PL Software provider

3PL Infographic: 7 crucial questions to ask from your 3PL Software provider

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