7 dispatch trucking software features which are providing significant benefits

7 dispatch trucking software features which are providing significant benefits

Trucking companies are increasingly looking out for the ways to make their delivery cycle more streamlined and efficient. Dispatch procedures are the topmost priorities for these companies to implement their innovative ideas to do so. The reason being dispatch software are giving them leverage to adapt to wiser dispatch practices with minimum formalities involved. This saves time as well as the crucial man hours invested in completing the dispatch procedure. No points for guessing that the same is crucial for faster delivery of shipment.

Why dispatch trucking software are becoming more exciting?

Truckers are becoming aware of the fact that the growing economy and e-commerce trade needs to be catered wisely. The wise decisions are meant by the way trucking operations are scaled without investing heavily on infra or the workforce. This essentially lays emphasis on the need to implement more advanced and aggressive software solutions such that the trucking companies can keep up with the growing demand without taking too much burden or liabilities.

Dispatch is the single most part of the logistics where almost a third of the procedures are completed and requires similar amount of effort in terms of resources of all type. Thus it is obvious that the truckers are enthusiastic about revamping their biggest segment of operations and expenses as it has higher and faster impact on their balance sheets.   

Let’s check out the most exciting trends and how they are becoming extensively useful for the truckers to reap the benefit out of the trucking business.

  • Single Dashboard for enhanced visibility

A lot of time is invested in churning out the actionable insights or inferences about the current status of the trucking business by going through the raw data. As much as this process is accurate, it also is time consuming and research intensive. Single dashboard with cognitive user experience helps out the truckers by segregating the important points to focus in crisp format. Since the focus on the key indicators of growth and threats are right away visible, it cuts down the analysis effort in half and helps in faster decision and strategy making.   

  • In-built accounting & auditing

Truckers prefer to focus on the logistics industry tasks and outsource the accounting ones to the external agencies. This is a feasible practice if we focus on the skill sets but not a viable one if we focus on long term goals. With the help of dispatch accounting and auditing software the logistic companies are able to become more independent for managing the backbone of their business which is finance. It helps in inducing faster financial transactions and also creates lesser accounting expenses.

  • Mobility Solutions Integration

Mobility is an advantage whether it is about the moving fleet or managing operations and communications with the each unit carrier. Mobility solutions helps in maintaining the contact whether it is for normal status update or communicating a change in the routing options. With majority of companies coming forward to leverage the power of smartphones and tablets acquired by almost every other person, mobility solutions are stated as the gamechangers.

  • IoT Specific solutions

Connected machines and network of machines is an old concept but it is finding its relevance in the logistics world since last decade. With the improvised logistics techniques storming the scenario in terms of acceptance for autonomous vehicles, drones and sensors, it is time for any organisation to think seriously about the adaption of the Internet of Things solutions in their business.

  • Real Time Tracking

Time is money- this becomes 100% true when you are working in logistics industry. Real time tracking is a boon for any logistics company owners as with this they can confidently track the status of their shipment and share with their clients. This not only increases the faith between the two parties but it also negates the possibility of any false information about their shipments.

  • IFTA & IRS Compliance modules

Accounting is itself a difficult task and when it teams up with the bills and tax payments, it can surely create a havoc for anyone. The more frustrating part is managing the documentation as it can land you in or out of some serious trouble and fines when you are doing intermodal transportation. IFTA and IRS compliance modules ensures that nothing like this happens to you.

  • Cloud Based solution for Data Security

Cloud is coming up as a magical solution which can unbound you from the limitations of place, time and distance literally. Cloud based solutions also provide the ease to retrieve important documents such as payment receipts and tax filings at the needed time irrespective of the location of the carrier. It reduces the dependency on paperwork and prepares you to combat the situations like system failure by safeguarding all the data on cloud storage. The cloud based solutions by DreamOrbit also ensures that the connectivity and user experience never becomes an issue to adapt these solutions.

DreamOrbit is consistently experimenting to provide innovative cloud based dispatch trucking software to the clients.  To know more about the true potential of these solutions check out the exhaustive services at the solutions page.

About DreamOrbit:

DreamOrbit is a Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Development company. We have been creating meaningful and reliable software products for the industry which is “Always on the go” for the past half decade. We are highly motivated team aimed at innovation. Our philosophy is to “keep challenging the potential within”.  With the support of our happy customers and dedicated team, we strive to provide best possible solutions to industry problems. Visit our website to know more about DreamOrbit.


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