For Multi-modal, multi-carrier Transportation

Manage Air, Ocean and Land Freight both owned and outsourced using a reliable custom-developed Transportation Management System.




Is your company facing these challenges?

You aim for reliable, cost-effective and efficient transportation but your profits are marred if you are met with any of these challenges.

How to streamline the manual process of planning, scheduling and auditing the shipments as it becomes erroneous and chaotic?

Where to collect real-time information on available carrier rates and manage communications required for execution?

Where to manage, follow-up and settle carrier bills, claim settlements etc.?

How much cost can be saved by optimizing routes, fuel consumption, inventory etc.?

How to communicate to with other organizations' supply chain software like MRP, WMS and TMS for execution?

TMS Solution

Fulfil specific demands of your business by customizing these features to fit your transportation operation

Multimode Carrier Management

Air Freight

Integrate with air freight partners to receive routing, capacity and rate information in real-time

Ocean Freight

Manage disparate Ocean Freight contracts at one place. Analyse breakdown of Ocean Freight Rates

Land Freight

Work with multiple Rails and Trucking Freight companies for moving freight across geographies

LTL/Parcel Freight

Avail real-time tariff & parcel rating information from rate publishing websites and book them instantly

Transportation Management


Select and aggregate multiple carriers and create optimized routes to carry out transportation of shipments both large and small.


Send and receive bids from carriers against the load. Negotiate rates and finalize carriers that meet the requirements.


Effectively track the status of booking confirmation, shipment location details, proof of deliveries and other notifications. EDI integration allows real-time document flow


Send, receive and archive various shipment documentation like BOL (Bill of Landing), HWB & AWB (for Air freight), PoD etc.

Warehouse and Yard Management

Dock Scheduling

Coordinate for receiving inbound and delivering outbound shipments to optimize your gate process. Automate recurring unload/load routines and even request for special handling equipment.

Warehouse & Yard Integration

TMS of your company can integrate across your partnered warehouses and yard to plan and track trailer and associated inventory on real-time basis.

Invoicing and Settlement

Handle multiple payment models like match-pay, e-invoicing etc. from a single interface. The system accelerates approval and settlement process and at the same time reduces erroneous payment incidents. The foreign currency support lets you settle bill for the right conversion rate.

Transportation Intelligence Dashboard


Track and trace shipments across the globe between multiple carrier modes, distributor and customers

Performance Reports

Monitor KPIs like lead-time, fill rate etc. for various carriers and forwarders in real-time or receive scheduled reports


Analyse the data to optimize transportation cost, curb damages and loses and reduce delivery times.

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More Features

Go that Extra mile with added functionalities and integrations for any TMS to work seamlessly with low-tech or no-tech logistics carriers.

Transport Management Systems


Transportation Management System Software


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Transportation Management Systems


DreamOrbit is a specialist logistics & transportation technology solutions enterprise. We build solutions for all modes of transport, namely surface, air and ocean. Our solutions can ship all categories of shipments documents and small parcel, less than truckload, full truckload and volume shipments. We can ship International, National, hyper-local and last mile.


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