Get dedicated APIs for TL & LTL to boost your Shipping API strength

Why reinvent wheel when you can get same results quicker? Less than truckload and Truckload APIs can be Ready to start with shipping APIs are a great way to reduce the development cost and time. Based on the most prominently used XML data format and SOAP and REST protocols, the shipping APIs from DreamOrbit comes with an added satisfaction of easy integration.

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APIs for Truckload and Less than-Truckload adding value to your business
  • Single API call even for multicarrier environment
  • Updated APIs based on prominent industry standards (XML, SOAP, REST)
  • Specially designed and customized APIs based on company specific requirements
  • Easy integration with tested APIs for multiple environments
  • Compatible with the major shipping process APIs in industry
  • Made to work simultaneously on different layers for Native shipping solutions
  • Delivers results and communication in real time
  • Equipped for intrinsic services value added services such as image retrieval
Choose from a wide range of comprehensive offerings for Shipping APIs

Shipping Calculator API

Shipping calculator API helps the shippers to evaluate the total cost of shipment for customer. It takes into account various factors and expenses incurred in the process such as the total transit distance, type of shipment, any extra taxes or fee that needs to be paid during delivery. It helps shippers in generating quick quotes for the reference of the customer. This makes it easier to make the shipping transparent and customer can also opt for the service after getting a fair idea about the shipping cost.

Shipment Tracking API

Shipment tracking API helps you to get a clear idea about the carriers which are into transit along with their exact locations. This makes it easier for you to plan the next shipments and get the proper update about the status of ongoing trips. E-commerce companies can also share this data with their clients who can see the complete journey of their shipment being delivered to them. This reduces the customer WISMO (Where is my order?) calls considerable and replaces the manual update of order status with a more efficient system.



Insurance API

Insurance API helps you to get the shipments insured really fast. Insurance can be processed at the same time the booking of shipment is done. This reduces the risks for shippers by a huge margin as the shipper doesn’t need to spend extra time and resources for insurance of the shipment. Insurance API deals with end to end insurance process for each shipment and manages details specific to the shipment accordingly. It also keeps your system updated with the insurance certificate & other necessary documentation for a quick reference for track record.

Dispatch API

Dispatch API contributes by delivering the shipment & trip information to the available drivers directly. It schedules and automates the process of assigning the jobs to the drivers which reduces the detention time and keeps the carriers on roll for the maximum time possible. Autogenerated pick up requests for drivers are a welcome change from EDI 204 where the manually generated pickup requests could get a limited number of dispatches done at a time.

Rating API

Robust rating API to get a complete overview of the best rates available for the shipments. This adds valuable flexibility in your system to ensure that every shipping is done on the most favorable rates present at that time. This case-specific approach to judge and fix the rates for each purchase has considerable impact on cutting down the shipping cost. You can also provide your customers the choice of opting for different shipping options enlisted in a drop down menu.

Transit Time API

Transit time API calculates and displays the exact time in which the shipment will be delivered to the customer. It adds a lot of value especially for the e-commerce customers where a minor miscalculation in the delivery time or delay in the tentative delivery can increase the chances of failed deliveries. Transit Time API by DreamOrbit is able to suggest the transit time even from multiple points of deliveries to different addresses which helps when you have lot of points of shipping in supply chain.

Load Tender API

Load tender API helps in creation, replacement and deletion of shipments for the truckloads. In order to perform all these tasks, load tender API manages the carrier identification, scheduling details, delivery location, information of customer, shipment description and various other details. The API works in coordination with all the parties involved which can be shippers, wholesalers, distribution centres, customers and any other entity which is handling the shipment.

Image Retrieval API

Image retrieval API is increasingly finding its relevance these days. The drivers and shippers are increasingly sharing vital information such as proof of delivery, shipment specs documentation, bill of lading, tax payment receipts for intermodal transportation by uploading the images into the system. Image retrieval API facilitates this process by providing the visual images of the required documentation in PDF and other easily accessible formats to the system which can be retrieved by the permitted parties for reference.
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