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Around 70% of the domestic freight transportation in the US is done through trucking. We can either see this huge coverage by the trucking industry in freight transportation as a liability or as an opportunity. A wise business owner will always strive to look for the opportunities hidden in this large market. And it is our purpose to unleash the possibilities and benefits which can be obtained by using the right technology to operate in right segment. Platooning is one of these beneficial technologies which is now considered by best trucking software around the world. It should be noted that the large portion of US trucking industry moves on trucks which means that in a majority of the trips, most of the carriers will be trucks. Homogeneity of the carriers makes platooning easier for the best trucking software for the obvious reasons and this makes US market an apt segment to try out platooning with their trucking transportation.

Being easy does not always justifies the transition. One of the major reasons for any type of transition is profitability. If a change induced in the system generates higher profits for you, it is sustainable and the business will tend to move towards that change. In platooning, two or more trucks are transported through the common path in tandem with each other. This has enabled the platooned trucks to save a 4% fuel on an average in each trip as analyzed by best trucking software. But there is more to platooning which is serving the trucking industry at this point in time. Let’s check out those hidden reasons.

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Major reasons for platooning finding relevance in easy trucking software

Platooning is a fairly old concept which is revived by the trucking industry with the help of few enhanced best trucking software features. In platooning, two or more trucks complete the common part of the trip in tandem with each other saving on the fuel consumption for the trailing trucks. Though the average fuel saving is stated at 4%, on the individual trucks, the fuel saving can vary between 10-2%. But the output is always favorable for the transporters as the fuel saving is not the lone factor which reduces the trip cost. Automated trucks which are the primary drivers of platooning by the best trucking software are also one of the most encouraging aspects which make platooning even more profitable for the trucking industry.

[bctt tweet=”Average fuel saving is stated at 4% but on the individual trucks, the fuel saving can vary between 10-2%.” username=”Dreamorbit”] 

Fighting driver shortage with best trucking software

In 2016, the trucking industry was short of around 70,000 truck drivers for transportation. The number is likely to worsen with the driver’s shortage predicted to rise about 1,25,000 by the year 2024. So far nothing concrete has been suggested by the industry experts and government experts to curb this shortage and flood the market with the competitive and reliable drivers to carry on the shipments. Since even high incentives have failed to attract the efficient workers to work as truck drivers which are a fairly stressed out job with life expectancy at 61 years (a good 17 years shorter than the national average), industry analysts have predicted that we need to move on. We need to move on to the other options which are available for us to fight the driver shortage and take things in our hands. Platooning as a concept of working in flawless coordination between autonomous trucks with best trucking software is a lucrative option for this.  

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Enhanced Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication

The trucking industry is now moving over the EDI integrations to embrace the new age communication revolutions which enable a direct machine to machine (M2M) or vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication. This has negated the necessity of the human intervention in monitoring and arranging the freight shipments to a great extent. Now carrier tracking is not restricted to the domain of status update and monitoring only and are used for decisive collaborations between the carriers to commute the common parts of the trips by platooning. Since the backend analysis for clubbing the carriers with the maximum part of the trip together is already done by the best trucking software, the carriers only need to follow the routing plan given to them by the central system. This eradicates the possibility for confusions regarding dispatch and makes the processes even more streamlined. But to accomplish all these tasks successfully, it is imperative to get the carriers equipped with a robust vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology.

Best Trucking Software features needed for truck platooning

Platooning definitely needs few of the best trucking software features in place to be adapted by the trucking companies in reality. Collision avoidance system, adaptive cruise control system, Mile Per gallon (MPG) optimization software and vehicle transmission and reception sensor data analysis systems are the basic units required for platooning. For larger fleets which have paired up groups of carriers which are often employed together to complete trips, enhanced platoon MPG optimization software can be used which can decide the frontrunner and trailing carriers in an optimum way based on the individual carrier performances on different types of roads. Recently, Pelaton Technology, which is known for its autonomous carriers, unveiled its SAE Level 1 truck platooning technology which was able to save on fuel by cutting in the wind resistance to save fuel with the help of closed formations. This proves that delivering extraordinary results on saving with the help of platooning is possible but it definitely needs a high level of coordination between the carriers through the vehicle to vehicle communication.

[bctt tweet=”Pelaton Technology, which is known for its autonomous carriers, unveiled its SAE Level 1 truck platooning technology which was able to save on fuel by cutting in the wind resistance to save fuel with the help of closed formations.” username=”Dreamorbit”]


Preferences of fleet owners for platooning

Though it seems like a collaborative practice, platooning is going to be widely practiced by large fleets. As platooning with a competitor’s carrier risks the improvement in the bottom line carriers of the competition, it will be more profitable for the fleet owners to platoon with their own carriers. This also removes any possibility of time wasted between matching, pairing, and disengagement since all the carriers are dispatched by the single trucking software.

IOT applications have always been utilized for automation purposes. Very rarely, it has happened that even the best trucking software has employed IOT technology for fuel emission reduction. But platooning comes out as a promising practice for the best trucking software which, if utilized and embraced by everybody equally, can deliver some remarkable ROI for the trucking industry. So far it is also perceived as a technology having a positive impact on the reduction of fuel emissions without cutting down the business objectives. This is a win-win situation for regulators as well as trucking business owners. Dreamorbit is also helping the trucking business owners to employ similar innovative strategies by providing best trucking software development assistance. Check out the trucking software solutions by Dreamorbit to know more about profitable technology solutions.
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