Best trucking software trends for 2017

Best trucking software

With a volatile trucking industry finishing 2016, it is time to look forward to 2017 for new trends. With a predicted rate of freight growth at 28.6 percent, the revenue is also expected to soar by 74.5 percent by American Trucking Association (ATA). As much as we are happy to see the opportunities lying forward, we should not miss the challenges which we will be facing while taping such large prospects. Best trucking software in 2017 will be the ones who are able to facilitate the truckers in overcoming trucking industry challenges by delivering solutions that can match the demand.  

But rather than going for specific solutions, we would like to focus more on the objectives which are achieved by using best trucking software. This will help the trucking business owners to evaluate and judge the ROI produced by their existing trucking software and the ones they are looking for the future in a better way. It also helps in nurturing a better clarity over the significance and expectations which can be fulfilled with these trucking software. Have a look at the most relevant targets achieved by adopting best trucking software in 2017.

Best trucking software

Best trucking software trends for 2017

Digital Supply Chain

While trucking industry has already embraced few of the most advanced digital solutions to facilitate the trucking business, it is still dependent on age-old manual processes. This is inhibiting the existing digital solutions to provide a forward-looking data related connected setup since few processes do not work at same pace. By making your trucking business completely compliant with the digital supply chain you ensure that you are able to get the maximum out of your trucking resources.

A truly digitally connected supply chain helps you to use big data solutions for data visualization which leads to data-driven strategic decision-making. It also helps in enhancing the collaboration between different parties involved in the trucking cycle and serves complete transparency and real-time assistance in the process.   

Best trucking software trends for 2017

Best trucking software trends for 2017

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Focus on automation

Warehouses and distribution centers have been emphasizing on automation for a decent time by now. It is important to equip the trucking industry with the needed resources in order to enable them to work in coordination with these new age warehouses and distribution centers. Audi, for instance, is been using geofencing in its Germany-based plant which helps it to automatically update the distribution center once the carrier enters the threshold area in the near vicinity. The carrier sends the automated update about its tentative time of arrival and time of shipment which helps the plant to initiate the process of accepting and unloading much before the carrier arrives at the plant. This is helping Audi to save 0.5 hours on each carrier in a plant which caters to 650 carriers on a daily basis. If we assess the positive impact on the efficiency after these steps, getting best trucking software onboard is definitely worth the effort.

[bctt tweet=”Geofencing is helping Audi to save 0.5 hours on each carrier in a plant which caters to 650 carriers on a daily basis.” username=”DreamOrbit”]


End to end visibility

Greater visibility is now counted as directly proportionate to the profitability of your trucking business. In 2016, 97% DAT registered carriers were operating with 20 or lesser number of carriers. These small fleet owners need to leverage the technology solutions to the fullest if they want to compete with the bigger players. This leads us to figure out the advantages of having an information based trucking cycle which is able to deliver instant notifications about tracking for order status, pricing info and availability of resources.   

[bctt tweet=”In 2016, 97% DAT registered carriers were operating with 20 or lesser number of carriers. ” username=”DreamOrbit”]

Self-Driving trucks

The concept led by San Francisco-based startup was doing the rounds for some time in logistics industry but it has finally made it happen only in 2016. Their self-driving trucks “Otto” is in news after their successful delivery of “50,000” Beers to Colorado. Now, apart from beer, the other best thing in this latest development is that it has increased the confidence of transporters into self-driving truck technology. This is definitely going to be evaluated for a viable option to combat the ongoing drivers shortage crisis. Till now the trucking industry hasn’t been able to come up with another alternative to overcome the driver shortage which is in all likelihood is going to worsen by 2020. In such situation, self-driving trucks are going to be taken much seriously in 2017.

It is important to note that now more trucking business owners are becoming open to technology. There is an educated segment of truckers who know how to differentiate between average trucking software and best trucking software. Therefore, the mentioned trends are predicted to penetrate into the trucking industry owing to the upbeat temperament from the business owners.

Dreamorbit is trying to help these open minded trucking business leaders to get the best trucking software with persistent innovation and constant support. With a highly reputed clientele to cater, it is also focussing on inducing some strategic business enhancements through technology solutions in US, UK and APAC region.

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