Best vehicle tracking system features that logistics industry need in 2017

Best vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system has surpassed its initial offerings of location stats of carriers in many ways. Not only the tracking has become more efficient but also the best vehicle tracking systems are providing features which are enabling transporters to “View” trips as the first person. A transporter, in the quest of ensuring maximum resource utilisation, couldn’t ask for more. Vehicle tracking systems are coming up with exhaustive solutions to find a way for every detail needed by the transporters or fleet managers to get maximum ROI for their resources.

It is important to keep an eye on the services provided by the best vehicle tracking system in the logistics industry. Each feature describes not only a solution but points at a problem area for which it is conceptualised in the first place. With a little analysis of your own operations, you could also check whether you need these services or not. From the feedback which Dreamorbit is been receiving from its existing clientele and queries, we can ascertain that upcoming trends are always a step forward towards excellence.

Present software for vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking systems have come a long way from GPS tracking systems to becoming a crucial partner in improving operational efficiency for fleet managers. The present software is adequately supporting the fleet managers with the most basic features for vehicle tracking system. But the best vehicle tracking system is delivering more than the location stats of the carriers. They are listening, carefully, to the growing needs of a transportation industry which is coping with the pressure of the exponentially growing market. Since the word is out about the utilities and difference that cutting edge technology can make for the transporters, fleet managers are racing towards getting those solutions onboard. It is an age where almost every transportation industry is going through introspection, for finding out the existing weaker areas in present software for vehicle tracking system.

Online vehicle tracking system

While “Connected” is the buzz word for 2017 in the tech industry, this directs us to the question about how. Internet being the inspiration, companies are lining up to leverage this as a platform to get online vehicle tracking system. While a SAAS based vehicle tracking system seems to be a win-win situation for both, the vehicle tracking service provider and transporter, it also comes with added responsibility of ensuring cyber security for the tracking system. Since the tracking system is generally integrated with the core verticals of the business, compromising on the security of one means having none at all. This means that while it seems that an online vehicle tracking system can be the best vehicle tracking system that you can ask for in a connected world, you need to ensure that your whole transportation management system is protected at first place.

Since the online vehicle tracking system development service providers are aware of this concern, they are going an extra mile to ensure that system security remains the utmost priority for them. Vehicle tracking systems in private environment where it might not be directly connected via the internet but with the help of a virtual environment with limited accessibility can be the best bet. For starters, Google has already started working with a “Matrix” styled virtual simulation for Californian road system for the testing of its self-driving cars.

Best vehicle tracking system features for 2017

Before going into detail about each feature which is provided by the best vehicle tracking system in 2017, we need to take a look at the technologies which are propelling these features. Powered by recent advancements into IOT and mobility segment these features are adding utility to the logistics industry. Also, the customised solutions by smart developers have made it possible for transporters to look into their implementation in the practical scenarios of logistics.

Based on the type of queries as well as industry-wide trends, we can broadly classify the most sought after vehicle tracking system solutions under 3 categories. Enhancements, next level versions or added functionalities for the existing vehicle tracking systems also needs the development expertise which falls under these technologies.

IOT Solutions

Vehicle tracking systems based on geofencing are coming up as one of the most effective tracking systems. These vehicle tracking systems with accurate reporting of the vehicle journey also help in expediting the work order process and dispatch management. Owing to these features and benefits, major transporters and warehouses are looking for vehicle tracking systems which are working on IOT solutions which supplement geofencing technology. Tracking has surpassed the geographies and has now been improvised to the level where the freight quality stats can also be tracked. Though having major utility for “Cold Supply Chains”, demand for sensors used in tracking the temperature and humidity parameters of the freight in transit is rising. The logistics industry is acknowledging the vital information which can be extracted from a vehicle tracking system which is enabled by IOT solutions. With infrastructure becoming more affordable for investment, transporters are opening up to embrace the IOT solutions which need installation cost to start.

Mobility solutions

Mobility solutions are coming up as one of the most affordable ways to ensure that vehicle tracking system is enabled with real-time connectivity. Saas based technologies are basically getting the momentum in the market due to the rise in smartphone adoption among the users. It has also changed the data retrieval process completely for the benefit of the transporters making it much faster and more accessible to the parties involved.  Mobility solutions for the best vehicle tracking system are aimed at fulfilling the requirement of being connected to every unit of the fleet 24/7 even with minimal infrastructural investment. While mobility solutions are enabling vehicle tracking systems in providing affordable solutions it is also providing versatile options for development. This helps even smaller transporters and logistics companies (which roughly constitutes more than 90% of the industry) to adopt efficient mobility solutions for vehicle tracking.

3PL Integration

With collaborative business practices coming in trend, 3PL integration is becoming a need for the best vehicle tracking systems. Transporters, in order to make freight transportation more economic, are trying to collaborate with different trading partners for last mile delivery. But this doesn’t mean that the control over freight tracking can be compromised. Hence a robust vehicle tracking system with 3PL integration ensures that features such as parcel tracking can be provided which includes various third parties supporting the logistics chain.

How much value Vehicle tracking system adds in your business?

On a larger scale, the quantified impact from some of the best vehicle tracking system can be directly visible in the improved operations of the fleet. With the two main components, fuel and carrier, delivering higher ROI for the same input with the inclusion of vehicle tracking system, the positive impacts are bound to surface. But it is important to pinpoint the main problems which you are aiming to solve with a vehicle tracking system. This is to evaluate and analyse the ROI for the investments made on equipping your fleet with one of the best vehicle tracking system. Let’s check out the main problem areas and benefits where vehicle tracking can help you in great length to improve the transit operations.

  • Improving Fuel Efficiency

Vehicle tracking system helps in monitoring the driving behaviour which leads to excess consumption of fuel. Jackrabbit starts, sudden acceleration, aggressive braking and similar rash driving behaviours take a toll on the fuel consumption as well as engine efficiency of the carrier. Detection and curbing these driving practices helps in improving the vehicle fuel efficiency which results in the higher output. With the help preventive maintenance technology solutions enabled vehicle tracking system, we are also achieving ideal conditions for the carriers to operate in perfectly flawless conditions generating maximum output for the fuel. Apart from these direct influences, other features of vehicle tracking system such as optimised routing also contribute in improving the fuel efficiency of the fleet.

  • Monitoring Driving behaviour

As much as vehicle tracking system contributes in increasing the fleet efficiency for the transporters it can become a bit invasive for driver privacy. This is one of the reasons drivers are sometimes reluctant in adapting to driving behaviour monitoring technology which comes with vehicle tracking systems. But the positives effects of vehicle tracking system can turn the tables in favour of drivers. Incentivization for great and safe driving skills is a great way to acknowledge the better performance by drivers and helps in keeping them motivated. It also helps in detection of few driving traits such as hard cornering and harsh braking which might have ingrained in the driving style in absence of conscious feedback from the system.

  • Real-time status updates

With the added advantage of real-time communication with the carrier, vehicle tracking system is able to make the tracking process bilinear. This helps in delivering instant instructions to the drivers after taking real life scenarios into account. This gives the fleet managers greater control over the operations and can save the day in many unexpected situations that are encountered by the carriers. Idling, unauthorised usage and speeding can be addressed in a much more vigilant way by directly getting in touch with the carrier in real time. This also empowers the fleet managers to minimise the customer query by providing the auto updates with real-time status.

  • Optimized Routing

Route optimisation is one of the most trusted techniques used by the transporters to generate maximum ROI for their resources invested in transit. But with the changing time, route optimisation has also undergone many modifications which have added value to its efficiency and performance. Dynamic routing is one of the most popular route optimisation solutions which has become a trend due to the emergence of connected vehicle tracking systems.

  • Asset security & driver identification

Vehicle tracking system might not be as effective as it intends to be if it cannot provide necessary detail about the vehicle driver too. Asset security or carrier security goes hand in hand with proper identification as well as verification of necessary permits for the transit. Driver identification supplemented by image and data retrieval features helps the fleet managers to ensure that the correct jobs are being allotted and followed. It also helps in cross verification of the timesheets and truck activity reporting for the major events observed during transit. Trackers, sensors (in the case of cold supply chain) and theft detection mechanism which can operation centres ensures that the security, as well as counteraction measures, are always in place during transit.

  • Truck activity reporting with Map replay

Route optimisation through data analysis and predicted the behaviour of decisive parameters is a tried and tested way of ensuring higher efficiency. But the practical challenges faced during transit can sometimes be very different than what they look or may not look like in data analysis. Therefore having a detailed report about the truck activity helps the transporters to know what are the instances which can supplement or hinder the timely completion of trips. A descriptive map replay which is often displayed in the breadcrumb format to suggest the flow of the trip is crucial in analysing the different phases of the trip. This adds great value to the planning as well as routeing process for next trips.

  • ELD compliance

We are halfway through 2017 and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate is going to be a reality in the next 5 months. ELD compliance is basically driving the logistics and transportation industry towards a more connected transit period. With an electronic device which will be making data updating and retrieval as easy as it could be, excuses for not carrying out the necessary permits will be far lesser. The compliance can be a blessing in disguise for the transporters too as they often struggle to implement vehicle tracking system into carriers as it increases the scrutiny on drivers which is not so much welcomed by them. But with the government making ELD, which can be a key component of vehicle tracking system, mandatory there is not much left to disagree now.

  • Leverage on Insurance Premium

Fleet owners are saving up to 35% in the insurance premium paid for the carriers which are supported with vehicle tracking system. Since the whole idea behind going for the best vehicle tracking system and not compromising on quality with any random vehicle tracking system is prioritising security. The insurance premium is calculated on the risk of theft or accidents for the vehicles. In presence of a vehicle tracking system, the chances of the vehicle getting in an alarming situation can be countered by a prompt reflexive action to safeguard the vehicle. Hence the insurance premium drops simultaneously with the risk.

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