Big data- less about Big, more about Data

Big Data 2015 Technology Trends

Any business local or global are churning out lots of data without even knowing that it can be feeded back to the business for learning new insights, crafting growth strategies and even forecasting future trends.

Sources of Intelligence is not just outside your business but can be lying in your database. But once the business realizes this, the next obstacle is to understand how this data can be turned into intelligence. Big Data will help you get those insights and get your growth to accelerate at a much higher pace with a much different strategy.

A myth about Big data is that you require a decent quantity of data to be able to use big data for your benefit, but that is just about to be busted. The recent developments in Big data has also enabled small enterprises and different verticals to use the power of Big data for themselves . You not need to be working in conglomerate business or generating terabytes of data per second to qualify. Even business functions like Employee payrolls, HR management,

Supply chain logistics are leveraging Business Intelligence with Big Data Solutions.
Hadoop is one of the major players in Big Data world.

In 2005, great minds started working on an open source framework named as Hadoop. Companies are switching to Hadoop rapidly with 1 in 10 using it in 2012 to 1 in 4 in 2014.

Now you are aware about the Science of Big Data, you need to know more about the scientists. The Data scientists are those human figures who are idolized like God due to their expertise in finding profits where it is hidden.
Your business already has great advisors, strategists and decision makers to utilize those insights, but the possibilities are detected by these scientists. This might not be as easy as it sounds. Getting a crisp analysis even through Big Data can still be like finding needle in a haystack. Therefore conventional data processing tools are replaced by more advanced Apache Hadoop, No SQl and Spark. With over 90% companies in fortune 500 list using Big Data tools, you need to be a bit cautionary as over 60% CEOs admit to have failed in utilizing Big Data. DreamOrbit is providing some remarkable Business Intelligence services to its clients. The BI solutions utilizing Big Data techniques gives your company following benefits:

  1. Your company will be a data driven one.
  2. Opportunities and probable risks can be recognized much faster.
  3. Hypothesis can be easily valued for different business scenarios.
  4. Operational efficiency will be optimum.
  5. Experiments and explorations will be more accurate.


With accurate analysis, your own data can help you to build up a great business empire. Want to know how? Check out our Business intelligence services or drop a mail.

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