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We develop Industry focused solutions to solve business problems for the Connected Logistics & Supply Chain eco system.

Equipped with an exhaustive knowledge of supply chain and logistics, we help 3PL’s, Carriers & Shippers harness scattered intelligence in embedded sensors and microchips inside equipment. With our Cloud, Mobility  and Analytics expertise we help them gain real-time visibility and control over their operations.

Connected Logistics & Supply Chain eco system
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We develop software engineering solutions to solve business problems for the Logistics & Supply Chain eco system.

Yes, that is what we do well. But the real fun is in how we do it.

We have world class office infrastructure, positive work culture, flexible work hours and employee friendly HR policies. We don’t compromise on professionalism, but fun is non-negotiable. We are passionate about technology but also about our personal hobbies like Cycling, trekking, Music, Food and Fun.

If you are looking for a career and not just a job, a well-balanced work-life, a politics free work environment and be surrounded by like minded techies who take their work serious enough, then look no further.

Come join us and let us follow the Dream together to the next Orbit.

How do we do it

Technology Solutions

We also help ISV’s build their Logistics Solutions with our Digital Transformation expertise


We provide end-to-end product development services from strategizing to implementation on various technologies and open source platforms using Agile Development Methodology.


Our Mobility solutions include services like – mobile & IoT application development, enterprise mobility strategizing and implemetation, mobile testing and deploying cloud as BaaS.


View actionable insights and forecasts with Business Analytics Solutions. With Big Data Mining and Business Intelligence solutions, you can access dashboards on mobile devices too.


IoT-based Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Solutions for Order eFulfillment, Warehouse and Inventory Management to Business Analytics and Intelligence Tools.


We offer both Cloud Application Development and Cloud-based Testing services. We also help migrating your existing resources on the cloud using Amazon Web Services, Azure and more


Our company is dedicated to transform your business with technologies like artifical Intelligence, Big data, Machine and deep learning, IoT and other connected technologies.

Our Culture

We give our employees a flexible workplace to live their dream. With special emphasis on employee recognition and personal growth, Dreamers are always surrounded with energetic and positive culture.We adore passionate people. Now passion can be about anything. Apart from holier than thou work, we have people passionate about Cycling, trekking, Music, Food and Fun. Join us and you will see that DreamOrbit community can give you a dependable peer group for almost anything!


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2711, Centerville Road Suite 400, Wilmington, Delaware -19808
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