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Enhancing Customer Experience

Shipment documents management

Vehicle and Driver Management

Leveraging GPS and Telematics Data to increase day to day productivity. Streamlining the inspections with e-DVIR that keeps the fleet running. Setting and tracking safety standards to ensure Compliance.

Hours of Service Management

Collecting multi-format data from ELDs, digital timesheets and other sources. Configuring compliance engine to consolidate the audit report. Providing visibility into DOT HOS trends with analytics dashboard and automated report emailing.
Freight hours calculator
Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Staying up to date with federal, state and local compliance requirements for vehicle, driver, route and cargo safety. Programmable Risk Assessment System to make risk at-work injury or fatalities to the lowest. Integrated and robust audit trail of all fleet activity to ensure instant reporting.

EDI & API integration for rates and tracking

Keeping the carrier connected with opportunities with freight forwarding hubs. API and EDI integrations for smooth business transactions.


IoT & Geofencing Solutions

Geo-fencing solutions allow the fleet managers to plan route for safety and compliance but also improves billing accuracy. Documenting driver’s arrival, docking and departure time at customer sites allows productive dock scheduling

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