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Application Re-engineering


Application Re-engineering
Project description

US- based Privately held Fleet Management Company offers services like fleet management, GPS, vehicle tracking, asset management and dispatch software. Founded in 2009, client does business with more than 100 customers in the US. DreamOrbit helped them in re-engineering their current Fleet Management Application

Business Problem: 
  1. Poor-stability of Fleet Management Application
  2. Inability to handle load at peak hours
  3. Compromised Customer service as there was no way to assign, manage and track available fleets.
DreamOrbit Solutions:
  1. Our developers optimized the code, removed deadlock condition and updated the code architecture.
  2. New system now supports up to 2000 vehicles at a time and exchange data.
  3. Unit information, Fleet maintenance, Fuel profile, dash board and reporting functionality added in the application.
Client’s Benefits:
  1. Greater Value Proposition of the application
  2. Improved application stability
  3. Higher accountability and administrative control
  4. Higher Customer Service Levels
  5. Improved productivity with the existing Fleet.
  6. Improved Dispatching effectiveness.
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