Mobile Control Application

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Mobile Control Application

CLIENT: Logistics

Mobile Control Application
Project description

A Market leader in Logistics Software Solutions, specializing in – Transport Software, Warehouse software, Mobile software, Document management software. Our client dominates the Logistics sector in South Africa.

DreamOrbit built an application for our customer to automate their collections and delivery process.

Business Needs:
  1. Our Client wanted to build a Real-Time solution for collections and deliveries using mobile application
  2. Mobile Application was to be deployed as a native application deployed first on Android and further can be extended to iOS and Windows.
DreamOrbit Solution:
  1. DreamOrbit proposed a cross platform development environment called Xamarin.
  2. Using this tool we are developing native applications for android which could later be extended to other platforms too
Client’s Benefits:
  1. Real time status of collections and deliveries.
  2. Reduction in back-office data capture.
  3. An increase in the overall service levels.
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