Online Quote Management System for LT/TL

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Online Quote Management System for LT/TL


Online Quote Management System
Project description

US- based Third Party (3PL) Logistics Company with Annual revenue of more than $500 Million provide (LTL) Less than TruckLoad, TL (TruckLoad), Expedited Logistics and Ocean Shipping as services. DreamOrbit helped them develop an application to automate the Booking Process for LTL Services.

DreamOrbit developed an online Quote Management system to improve accuracy and productivity of the team.


Business Problem: 
  1. Automate the process of creating quotes and book an order for LTL Packages
  2. Request quotes for packages using truckload
  3. Manage Product lists relevant to their services
  4. Manage customer-related information like address book, invoices, user profiles and so on.
DreamOrbit Solution:
  1. We developed a web-based application using agile methodology to meet all the software requirements
  2. We ensured future scalability of the product to ensure usage across large number of users and quotes
  3. We provided a user-friendly application to ensure higher user adoption
  4. We automated end-to-end process starting from entering the shipment details to producing the Bill of Landing
3PL Company Benefits:
  1. Increased and well-tracked offerings to the Shippers
  2. Improved User-Experience of the Service provided
  3. Optimization of a major Business Process
  4. Future-proof and Scalable for expansions
  5. Lower cost of Ownership.
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