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Order Booking Application


Order Booking Application
Project description

Founded in 1988, our client is a leading North American provider of third party logistics (3PL) and transportation services. As a non-asset provider, Wheels Group develops advanced supply chain solutions which get delivered through its qualified partner network of over 6,000 truck, rail, air, and ocean carriers.

Business Needs:
  1. Client wanted a software solution which will be used by its customer, partners and employees for order booking, tracking and back office activities.
  2. Client wanted this solution to work on mobile and other portable devices like tablets apart from computers

DreamOrbit Solution:

DreamOrbit developed a web application using HTML5, consisting of three-layer architecture.  The web application so developed is  Platform independent, Responsive, Mobile Friendly with rich features and faster development.

Customer’s Benefits:
  1. Device-independent application developed can be run from any device, be it desktop or mobiles.
  2. Easier Manageability as a single solution for all devices is developed which made it easy to manage it.
  3. Synchronized through all platforms as when changes are made in the core application, it gets updated across all devices and platforms
  4. Cost-Effective as one solution servers all purposes both on  desktop and mobile devices.
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