Road Ban Mobile Application

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Road Ban Mobile Application


Road Ban Mobile Application
Project description

A Canada based logistics company are a pioneers in the Fleet Management industry. They provide innovative telemetry and GPS monitoring solutions across the globe.

DreamOrbit developed a native iOS application for the users to view Road bans in Canada on real-time basis. The same application could be used to initiate permit requests.

Business Problem:
  1. Our client wanted to build an application to display Road bans in Canada at real-time
  2. Multiple layer of data on the map were required to be presented quickly.
  3. To be able to request permit for the vehicle from the device.
DreamOrbit Solution:
  1. DreamOrbit proposed a native solution for universal iOS application
  2. Suggested to use core data for faster processing and display.
  3. Slice and dice approach for fast rendering of data.
  4. Intelligent Algorithm for supporting multi-layer selection.
Our Client’s Benefits:
  1. Live blanket bans are displayed on the map on device.
  2. Shows the load limits and detailed information about the roads and bridges.
  3. Permit requests are quickly generated and processed.
  4. Easy tracking of permit status.
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