Route Management using RoR

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Route Management using RoR


Route management
Project description

A leading and reliable provider of warehousing, courier, freight and delivery service to businesses throughout US. They provide specialized solutions for transporting time or temperature sensitive material around US.

Business Needs:

The client wanted to automate

  1. The manual route system
  2. The manual handling of route sheets
  3. The manual reporting system
  4. The manual system hampered operation efficiency and profitability.
DreamOrbit Solution:

DreamOrbit developed application using RoR framework. We provide an administrator module to manage and assign route and delivery personnel on field have mobile application to receives notifications about assignment, routes.

Client’s Benefits:
  1. Automated the operations and made it robust
  2.  operation uncertainties are managed better
  3.  50%  Increase in Operational Efficiency
  4.  38% Increase in profitability.
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