Shipment packaging solution

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Shipment packaging solution

CLIENT: A specialized shipment crating and packaging service provider
SKILLS: .NET core, angular js, SQL Server 2014, Azure services

Shipment packaging solution
Project description

Customer is a pioneer and leading expert in specialty packaging, crating, and shipping. Founded in 1990, serving residential and business customers in all sectors including telecommunications, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, and heavy machinery.

Business challenges:
  • Customer was having an old legacy monolith application with limited functionalities.
  • Legacy application was unable to handle business needs for providing automated solution for packaging boxes procurement for varying shipment needs.
  • Legacy application was not equipped to establish integration with other service providers making process integration a manual effort.
  • A cloud native modern SPA web application driven by micro services architecture is purposed as next generation version for legacy app. New version of system support complex design concepts for building packaging solution for variety of customers.
  • Modern application supports end-to-end calculation of costs involved in each and every stage of the item which needs to be shipped from one place to another like pick-up cost, insurance cost, freight cost, etc.
  • Built with integration layer to support quick integration with various applications inclusive of new freight shopper.
  • New application enables customer to schedule work jobs for its employees, like a driver has to pick-up an item at a specified time and place.
  • Revamped reports which helps to manage and track the business processes efficiently.
Customer benefits:
  • Automating complex packaging algorithms have streamlined the process of design improving process.
  • Depending on the type of the item, value of the item, weight of the item, the suitable box will be selected automatically for better handling and safety.
  • Advanced KPI and Dashboard to helps corporate to monitor the business processes.
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