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Warehouse Management Software


Logistics Company
Project description

Founded in 2003, a 3PL company is one of the fastest growing transportation companies in US and ranks #4 in the top 100 Transportation companies, with annual revenue of over $500 Million in 2014. DreamOrbit developed a custom Warehouse Management Application fitting the needs of the client.

Business Problems:
  1. Customer wanted order fulfillment as a new addition to its service portfolio
  2. Client needed an application with end to end automated functions- receiving order from customers till the shipping of items.
  3. Client wanted this application to be available online as a web-application.
DreamOrbit Solution:
  1. DreamOrbit developed a system which uses EDIs to exchange data with its customers (e-commerce websites) and warehouses.
  2. The new application now manages inventory, order processing and order shipment on behalf of its customers.
  3. New application also enables identification of nearest warehouse with real time inventory management.
Client’s Benefits:
  1. Reduced Order processing and shipping time.
  2. Lower cost per order
  3. Intelligent and automated Inventory Management.
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