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TMS solutions are using voice picking services to improve efficiency

TMS solutions

Voice picking is one of those revolutionary technologies which is changing the way logistics transportation functions from the employee’s perspective. Most of the times when there is an improvement in the business processes with the help of TMS solutions, it is to become more efficient. We often forget the role of the human resources involved in this quest which can contribute to a greater extent in making the supply chain more productive given that they have equally capable resources. TMS solutions are used at multiple layers in the supply chain and technologies like voice picking make their adoption more feasible for the employees working at different levels of supply chain.

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IOT solutions helping the retail sector in 2017

IOT Solutions

Retailers are showing a greater interest in the cutting edge IOT solutions for business owing to the greater challenges produced by the volatile market nature. With more savvy technologies and business processes based on IOT solutions taking up the space in transportation and logistics market, retailers are also lining up to know which IOT solutions can be beneficial for their part of the job which involves primarily inventory management and dispatch. This means that a majority of the tasks where retailers function involves tracking monitoring and managing huge amount of freight which can become overwhelming at the time in absence of right support. We are figuring out the needed push generated by the IOT solutions for the retailers by closing the gap between them and the challenges faced in the market.


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Top regulations which are going to affect freight broker software solutions in 2017

Freight brokers need to work in challenging environment. Right from winning the confidence of the shippers to providing carriers profitable deal every time, they need to prove their utility for the system. Since there are often voices from disgruntled shippers who really want to eliminate the middleman role of the freight brokers and work directly with the carriers. This may seem easy as you read it but works in a far more complicated way in the real scenario. Scheduling, fixing the spot rates and understanding the right carrier to transfer a shipment are the most basic traits that the freight broker needs to master. To achieve this, getting some help from technology never hurts which comes in the form of freight broker software. These freight broker software also evolve with the changing needs of the industry and also have to incorporate the new regulations proposed by the authorities to ensure safe transportation. We are discussing the major regulations of 2017 which are going to have an impact on freight broker software in the future.

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Logistics is looking at a robotic future for transport software solutions

When you got thousand of vacancies remaining to be filled every year since the past few decade, you realize that you are in some deep labor crunch. This is the case with the logistics industry across the globe. We are struggling to fill in the crucial job roles in the logistics industry with a dedicated workforce who can handle the pressure. Since the influx of more working population into the industry is not becoming as feasible in the near future as it should be, we are looking out for more options. With robotic solutions taking the world by storm and predictions of competitive robotic solutions becoming a norm by 2027, the answers seems to be coming up in the form of robots for the workforce crunch issues.

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Transport software solutions empowering the Global Cold Supply Chain

When was the last time you curbed a craving for a fruit, just because it wasn’t in the season? Or, have you ever thought that the non-domestic fruit you just bought, where it came from? How it actually landed in your cart? Well, somebody is thinking hard to figure out all these questions. Yes, that somebody is transport software solutions provider. Manufacturers and retailers are taking help of cold supply chains to cross the boundaries of countries and even continents for delivering fresh eatables and pharma essentials to consumers. Transport software solutions are taking up the challenges of supplying perishable and fragile commodities to the far-flung areas without compromising on their freshness. Farm-fresh veggies are not only a catchy phrase, it is a testament which shows that transport software solutions have evolved up to a level that distance is not an obstacle anymore if you got the right setup.

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Freight software solutions evolving with new business models for better future

E-commerce is booming, but specifically, which segment is the biggest driving force behind this growth? Is it B2B or B2C? We tend to find an answer in B2C segment owing to the astronomical evaluations of B2C e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba and other A-list companies. And thus it may be obvious to conclude that B2C segment is affecting the freight industry and its freight software solution trends more decisively than any other segment. But the reality needs us to dig a little deeper. The B2B segment is all set to reach a staggering figure of $ 6.7 trillion by 2020. This will be counted as 27% of the global manufacturing trade. Hence, the impact of freight software solution trends and changes from the B2B market is as high on global freight industry.

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Tremendous benefits of vehicle tracking software coupled with monitoring

When the National Highway & Transport Safety Association (NHTSA) released the rise in traffic casualties at 7.7%, it raised few eyebrows. The reason being the rise is highest observed in the last half century and definitely, raises few grave concerns regarding the safety of vehicles on the highway. As always, experts are trying to find the preventions as well as solutions in technology viz vehicle tracking software. Vehicle tracking software has always been considered to have more utility for operational convenience than anything else. But with few upgradations, vehicle tracking software are offering much more than location information of the carrier. It is expanding its domain by providing more value for fuel management, more robust monitoring for autonomous vehicles and inputs for safety and regulations compliance. Vehicle tracking is now stepping up to provide more value by becoming consequential in improving safety standards for the carriers by adding more offerings.   

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How transport software are changing with IoT

When IDC released its spending of the top industries spending heavily in adapting IoT-based solutions business processes, transportation comes second. The overall spending on IoT by transportation industry is $78 billion in 2016. While out of this $78 billion investment a majority ($55.9 billion to be exact) goes into freight monitoring. This means that even though a completely autonomous vehicle transportation is not lurking behind the door in 2017, the chances are, transporters will be looking forward to strengthening their transport software capabilities by including IoT-based features and inputs in it. Thus the transportation industry seems to be more interested in ramping up its functions first from the software level with minimum help from IoT devices such as sensors and iBeacon. This makes sense as it gives them an invasive strategy which is keeping high-end investments at the far end of the process by which the system would be able to get matured enough to understand the insights generated by IoT devices. So rather than fancy devices and cool gadgets, transportation industry will be looking forward to seeing more connected transport software which is capable of serving more promptly and efficiently.  

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Why is multiple carriers tracking becoming important for retailers?

E-commerce industry has experienced a staggering 3000% growth from 2013 to 2016. Apart from the encouraging customer behavior producing upbeat market for retailers, there are other technology advancements which contributed to this rapid growth. The complete supply chain needs to work in a challenging environment when it comes to e-commerce business which is, even more, time constrained than the retail business. But through multiple carriers tracking solutions, now it has become possible to achieve a greater visibility for the carriers carrying shipments and keep the supply chain devoid of any failure by taking prompt actions.

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Major changes freight broker software will be focusing in 2017

When transporters realized that they are wasting $26 bn every year on idle trucks, they were awakened by the need of freight broker software and its importance for business. The resources wasted on the idle trucks can be utilized in a far better way by proper utilization of the transportation resource. Freight broker software is aimed at solving this problem. Freight broker software is essentially a load and carrier matching software which helps in faster shipping of freight and lower idle time for the carriers. Both the outcomes are super beneficial for the transporters who are looking to gain maximum ROI from their fleet.   

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