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LTL carriers provide services for shipments that are too large to be sent as parcel but too small to fill an entire truckload, thus making it a complex shipping method. Less-than-Truckload might not be as widely used as Full Truckload, but it remains as one of the intrinsic option in the array of freight services. The LTL freight rate is complicated and driven by many variables, some internal variables like – shipment weight, density, NMFC classification, distance, base rates, FAK, accessorials etc. and some external variables like – route optimization, Fuel charges, labor and evolving government policies like ELD Mandates etc, making it only harder to keep the margins competitive.

In the face of growing competition in marketplace the carriers are turning to the last mile delivery market, which ensures influx of business but the expectations of end-users to receive the shipment in time, without damage and with no extra cost can become quite daunting challenge in itself.

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Getting real about ELD Mandate

ELD Mandate 3 month grace period is over and on April 1st of 2018, Phase 2 has been commissioned. Here are some of the frequently asked questions around ELD that DreamOrbit has tried to answer. DreamOrbit is a solution development service company, where a team of 301 members are dedicated to digitizing, connecting and transforming the world’s many Logistics and Freight technologies.

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On Earth Day – Logistics Sustainability is need of the hour and how technology can help?

In 1962, Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring published the case study on how the overuse of this pesticide was polluting rivers and bringing birds like bald eagle on a brink of extinction. Earth day was first created 48 years ago in 1970, after a decade of social activism to save the Earth from modern human activities.

Today, millions of people take part in Earth day. It has exploded into an international day of attention and activism dedicated to protecting the environment. And endorsing Logistics Sustainability is a facet of the very same activism that we see as our responsibility at DreamOrbit. Our message this year is to promote IoT based Logistics Sustainability Software Solutions that will help socially conscious companies to achieve these goals. Here are 3 tips that can kick start your Sustainability strategy –

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Software for truck drivers advancing transportation with ePOD

Software for truck drivers

One of the strongest sentiment which is gripping the transportation and logistics industry for a while is to go digital. In an effort to make transportation more connected and automated, problem solvers are looking out to integrate the units of the supply chain which is still not directly connected with the process digitally. Reinventing software for truck drivers is a step in the same direction. Truck drivers constitute as the most important entity in the transportation cycle which facilitates the delivery in the last mile. But we tend to often neglect the problems plaguing this segment resulting in less than the optimum efficiency of the complete supply chain. The industry is pivoting itself to change the scenario with focussing on needed regulations. It is also implementing the regulations which ensure that the needed software for truck drivers takes place in the mainstream and are given equal importance to the other software solutions used in the supply chain. One of the biggest changes which are making a positive impact on the driver efficiency is enablement of ePOD by the organizations.

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Choose Truck Broker software that can leverage Backhaul freight rate benefits

Truck Broker Software

Truck broker software is aimed at supporting the transporters in TL and LTL transportation with better and faster shipping. While the core concept of matching load with the suitable carriers remains same for the broker systems, truck broker software is trying to reinvent themselves by catching up on the nuances of trucking through innovative technology. Backhauling is one such operation which is in practice to utilize the returning trip of a carrier. Sometimes backhauling has evolved as a viable outcome of remedy for an existing constraint. For an instance, the containerized rail route between China and Europe has been developed due to lack of better or easier options for transportation required for the sustenance of trade. But the rail route, which was originally conceptualized to facilitate trade between China and Europe, has opened up new avenues for backhaul freight transportation due to rising eastbound freight volume in the past year.

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6 software for trucking companies trends on rise in 2017

software for trucking companies

Over 80% of the American population depends on trucking for delivery of goods, as suggested by American Trucking Association (ATA). One can imagine that the impact trucking industry has on the lives of people is huge and hence any trend in software for the trucking industry is bound to impact everyone. We are trying to figure out the top 6 trends in software for trucking companies which are steering the wheel of transportation in supply chain world. Since every disruptive technology trend needs to get validated in the most challenging environment before being credited as a trend which changed the course of industry, we are starting with the most talked about trends first.

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Best trucking software are saving fuel with Platooning

Around 70% of the domestic freight transportation in the US is done through trucking. We can either see this huge coverage by the trucking industry in freight transportation as a liability or as an opportunity. A wise business owner will always strive to look for the opportunities hidden in this large market. And it is our purpose to unleash the possibilities and benefits which can be obtained by using the right technology to operate in right segment. Platooning is one of these beneficial technologies which is now considered by best trucking software around the world. It should be noted that the large portion of US trucking industry moves on trucks which means that in a majority of the trips, most of the carriers will be trucks. Homogeneity of the carriers makes platooning easier for the best trucking software for the obvious reasons and this makes US market an apt segment to try out platooning with their trucking transportation.

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Clubbing Cloud with trucking industry software: Stepping up the game

A general idea about the relevance and main utility of having cloud technology based solutions is that these are helpful in securing your data from any data centre malfunction on a physical level. The same idea restricts us from understanding and pondering upon the numerous possibilities it brings to logistics business. Trucking industry software is increasingly becoming adoptive to cloud-based technology. And data security is only one of the major reasons for which this transition is initiated. For logistics and transportation, cloud-based trucking industry software is doing wonders in terms of productivity and scaling records.

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Best trucking software trends for 2017

Best trucking software

With a volatile trucking industry finishing 2016, it is time to look forward to 2017 for new trends. With a predicted rate of freight growth at 28.6 percent, the revenue is also expected to soar by 74.5 percent by American Trucking Association (ATA). As much as we are happy to see the opportunities lying forward, we should not miss the challenges which we will be facing while taping such large prospects. Best trucking software in 2017 will be the ones who are able to facilitate the truckers in overcoming trucking industry challenges by delivering solutions that can match the demand.  

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How Electronic logbook for truck drivers is helping in reducing accidents

Check out the relevance of using electronic system in current times

Before discussing Electronic logbook for truck drivers, let’s discuss a simple question. What is the maximum duration a person can drive with full concentration? 2, 5 or maybe 8 hrs. But it definitely keeps on getting more stressful with increasing number of driving hours. On an average, the truck drivers are consistently delivering consignments with the shift of 14 hrs. That means a driver is on the road for 14 hrs every day. It certainly includes the breaks and resting periods but they are only there to make an already stressful job a little more bearable. It doesn’t negate or avoids the impacts which can lead to reduced efficiency and in worse case ability to drive being fully alert.

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