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How to protect your IP if you outsource software development

Sanchit Jain, CEO of DreamOrbit, which specializes in developing software for logistics & supply chain industry, talks about how to protect IP when outsourcing software development.

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Best Practices in Green Reverse Logistics

Organizations are gaining competitive advantage by generating value out of waste through effective flow of materials from point of consumption to point of origin. This entire mechanism of generating value out of waste using eco-friendly practices is widely known as Green Reverse Logistics.

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Top Benefits of Green Supply Chain

What is Green Logistics?

In today’s world ‘logistics cost’ not only refers to money, it also includes the external costs of climate change, air pollution, dumping of waste, soil degradation, noise, vibration and accidents. Reducing this cost is Green Logistics.

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Green IT- The Key to Sustainable Logistics and Supply chain

Green Supply Chains are driven by cost savings and operational efficiency.

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Optimize Supply Chains Using Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics is an eco-friendly approach enabling the re-use of products.

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How To Achieve Supply Chain Visibility For Low Cost and High Efficiency

Longer lead time, more pipeline inventory and the need to control downstream and upstream logistics have contributed to the increase in the supply chain management costs.

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High Performance Supply Chain through Real Time KPIs

The supply chain industry today is in a state of transition. It has undergone a paradigm shift towards being an extremely important aspect of the overall business strategies.

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Are any of these global supply chain concerns affecting your business?

Lack of automation and visibility ranks top among the anxieties faced by organizations. Aberdeen’s findings say that 79% of the large enterprises consider this as a major concern. This is closely followed by issues arising from uncoordinated nature of multi-tier supply chain processes.

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Top Trends to Look Out for in Supply Chain Industry for the year 2012-2013

The on-going volatility and uncertainty of the worldwide economic condition has re-asserted the fact that organizations that identify trends and adjust to them quickly are the most likely to survive and succeed.

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Easy steps to host C# Web Applications in Microsoft Windows Azure Platform


This entry demonstrates how to host a C# web application in Microsoft Windows Azure Platform. This also provides information on various tools and processes involved in order to accomplish this. The requirement is to host a web application developed in .Net framework 3.5 which uses SQL server 2008 database.

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