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Cloud, Hadoop and IT

Bill Gates once famously said – “640K is more memory than anyone will ever need on a computer“.

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Nine key features of well designed Transport Management System that ensures higher ROI

Efficient management of transportation plays a major role in determining the success rate of an organization’s distribution system.

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Top Five Green Initiatives for Logistics & Supply Chain Business to Ensure Higher ROI

Implementation of green initiatives has emerged as one of the top trends in the Logistics & Supply Chain industry worldwide.

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Impact of Efficient Yard Management on Supply Chain Performance

Organizations invest heavily on tracing and tracking of transportation assets on the road to improve their visibility and hence their supply chain performance.

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Enterprise Mobility is the Key to Improved Supply Chain Performance

The supply chain industry worldwide is presently going through some testing times.

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Top Technology Requirements to Create a Successful 3PL Business

Logistics Industry is progressing in terms of operational excellence and pace, thereby expanding prospects of industrial revolution.

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DreamOrbit Starts a Dedicated Practice for Test Automation and Quality Assurance of Logistics Solutions

DreamOrbit, a result oriented software product engineering company announced its dedicated practice for testing and QA for Logistics Service Providers and Logistics ISVs.

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Comparative Analysis of SAP, Oracle and Dynamics AX

For small to mid size companies, Dynamics AX is an extremely good choice, with its popularity growing rapidly in the last few years.

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Top Reasons To Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX For Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics AX aims to solve just this problem – provide a simple, economic yet powerful business management solution to small and mid size businesses.

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