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While the “Digitization wave” for freight software seems to be riding the immediate benefits of improved efficiency for logistics companies, it is much more than that. Digitization of freight software is going to have its long lasting impact on logistics industry due to which industry leaders are acknowledging its relevance in current times. We can safely say that while Digitization can be the path or tool with the help of which logistics industry is gearing up to become more future-ready, the real objective is far different. It is more about developing freight software which can be the foundation of a more customer centric future. In other words, it is not only about being future-ready, it is about creating a user centric future.

Few recent studies conducted in the logistics industry have been consequential in establishing the top priorities for development of advanced freight software. The outcomes of the recent researches which puts a firm ground for the trends which are going to be decisive in the 2017-22. This helps the freight software seekers to realign their objectives with the most beneficial trend of the future. It is interesting to see that few objectives which are the top priorities for the logistics business owners currently, might not be enjoying same attention in 2022. And the features which might seem to be “Not so attractive” will be ruling the industry in 2022. To have a better clarity we can get down to specific features which are making it to the top priority list of freight software seekers at present. In the study by Freightos, where 70 freight forwarders were polled, 57% believed that price point is a major factor which impacts the decision making of shippers while choosing the freight forwarder. But at the same time, only 35% agreed for the same when the prioritization changes for 2022. Freight forwarders also indicated that better customer service will play a more decisive role and will be having a greater impact at 28% than the current focus at 11%.

On the same lines, by main “Service differentiators” which are able to make a significant difference in the business freight forwarders are pointing towards customer service or seamless operations in the majority. Contrary to the old belief these differentiators don’t count for the scope of actual services. The industry is gearing up for specialization rather than going for “Jack of all trades”. Keeping this into consideration, one can still find few evident trends which will be changing the logistics industry. We have tried to decipher the ultimate impact that these trends are going to have to the freight software. With these as a benchmark one can have a decent estimation that which is the most future ready freight software.

  • Focus on excellent Customer Service

The growing inclination towards providing better customer service is bound to impact the industry not only in the quantitative capacity but also on the qualitative front. Logistics industry experts truly believe that once the industry understands the “True value” of exceptional customer service, the market is bound to change in favor of the freight transportation providers. This is bound to be true when the returns yielded on any investment made in reforming freight software which is intended to provide better customer service are mostly exponential. And by exponential we are not indicating towards the immediate revenue increase, the positive impact goes much deeper with strengthened customer loyalty and trust.

Therefore, the logistics business owners are demanding freight software which can deliver better customer service along with freight. Dedicated customer portals, timely status updates and expected delivery time estimation are not limited to the B2C markets now. The B2B customers are also taking advantage of same services with more exhaustive customer services to align their business operations for greater efficiency. Manufacturing and retail, for example, are among the sectors which are rapidly moving towards revamping their logistics operations for better customer service.

  • Inclusion of advanced IOT technology

While the logistics industry has been trying few innovative solutions based on IOT technology, there is much more coming from IOT in future. Apart from asset utilization, IOT is bringing few “Smart” ways to perform freight tracking and monitoring functions. The added value by IOT into freight software is not restricted to efficiency. IOT based solutions are predicted to make freight solutions more accurate and dependable. While the existing tracking and monitoring freight software seems to be serving the purpose on the business front, IOT based freight tracking and monitoring solutions come with a promise of outstanding improvements in the supply chain.

Similar to asset utilization, IOT based freight software is set to be disruptors in optimizing the freight transportation. With real time tracking and monitoring of key statistics of the cargo can immensely improve the Cold supply chain in terms of reducing spoilage of the shipment. With the added advantages of predictive analytics, IOT based freight software also helps in devising a wastage-proof transportation planning. This also reduces the dependence of the logistics industry over the staff for manual ways of monitoring which is again not as accurate as completely automated one. With effective utilization of the advanced solutions provided by IOT based freight software, soon we will be able to see tremendous impact of remote monitoring.

  • Achieving efficiency with Digitalization

The prime goal for freight software is clear- achieving real time visibility and transparency into the system. The only way to achieve this goal seamlessly and uniformly across the supply chain is complete digitalization. It also solves the impending workforce crisis in the transportation industry to a major extent and can also relieve the existing staff from fatigue due to long and demanding working conditions. Digitized freight software, with the help of data analytics, also opens the avenues of calibration of transportation processes for achieving optimum results.

But what defines complete digitalization for freight software? It can be as simple as a mobile dashboard for tracking the fleet or it could be as advanced as predicting the optimum routing which can dynamically change with the freight demand. Therefore, rather than focus on specific features in freight software solutions, we need to focus on needs of the respective business to come up with customized solutions to adapt. Digitalization of logistics industry depends majorly on the type of freight software which the organizations are going to embrace, as only these freight software can define the extent to which operations can go digital.

While the above-mentioned parameters give a good head start to look for a future ready freight software, it is definitely not enough. Freight software solutions need to be customized for the organization specific needs to derive the utility out of them. Digitalization, IOT, and impeccable customer service can define the underlying goal but footwork to reach these goals will be decided by the ability to implement freight software solutions on these lines. With the help of some great inputs from our technical experts, we are consistently delivering bespoke freight software solutions to our clients to achieve this. In the same process, we are also helping the logistics companies to achieve their full potential by solving their queries. We are happy to provide a quick and useful consultation for any query related to logistics solutions. Feel free to get in touch.

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