Clubbing Cloud with trucking industry software: Stepping up the game

A general idea about the relevance and main utility of having cloud technology based solutions is that these are helpful in securing your data from any data centre malfunction on a physical level. The same idea restricts us from understanding and pondering upon the numerous possibilities it brings to logistics business. Trucking industry software is increasingly becoming adoptive to cloud-based technology. And data security is only one of the major reasons for which this transition is initiated. For logistics and transportation, cloud-based trucking industry software is doing wonders in terms of productivity and scaling records.

More than about getting a better trucking management system, the cloud-based trucking industry software have become a matter of adapting to the crucial needs of changing times. In the dynamic industry where experimentation is the new trend from an assembly line to last mile delivery, trucking industry software needs to keep up with the pace. Cloud solutions are posing as the essential enablers which make it possible for the trucking systems to embrace these advancements easily and quickly.

Ease of trucking industry software up gradation with advanced features

Apart from giving an unbounded access and visibility, cloud-based trucking industry software is more flexible to integrate with the new age technology and produce viable results. When integrated with the mobility, IOT and big data solutions, cloud-based trucking industry software can enrich the transport management system with unique but efficient outputs and insights. Therefore adoption to cloud-based solutions is often seen as one of the first and most crucial steps in order to revamp the whole transportation management system and make it more advanced.

Real-time operations making trucking industry software at par with the counterparts

No transporter or management solution can perform efficiently and deliver excellent results in the current scenario without working in real time scenario. Cloud-based trucking industry software helps the system to become real time with the availability of data and needed inputs on the cloud in real time. It is devoid of the data threats and can easily work as a 24/7 network enabling real-time communication for all spheres of the transport management system irrespective of the difference in time zones or geographies.  

Modifying trucking industry software to support changing transport management network

Transport management networks are changing gradually to accommodate various tech solutions acting as key players into the system. Cloud solutions not only helps in providing a uniform environment for all the integral units of the system, it also gives us the feasibility to provide differential access to different layers of operators. This not only preserves the information from the exposure but also makes the individual operations more focussed.

Trucking industry software

Cloud connecting all stakeholders in trucking industry software

“Data is the new Oil”

Intel is investing $250 million in the autonomous vehicle technology owing to its stellar predictions about the future of data in the transportation industry. As Brian Krzanich, CEO, Intel, rightly suggests,”“Just as oil has transformed our world over the last century, data is poised to transform our world for the next hundred years – and beyond”. But to convert this prediction into reality, we need help from cloud solutions. Any data-driven technology decision needs a good support from cloud solutions as well since cloud helps a great deal to retrieve, manage and preserve data. Therefore we can say that in order to leverage the limitless possibilities associated with data, we need to equip ourselves with robust cloud solutions.  

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Cloud solutions are gradually becoming one of those few technologies which affect every sphere of trucking industry software. Even the truck drivers, who earlier used to spend valuable work hours on the laborious data entry functions of the trips, are getting benefitted with cloud solutions in one way or the other. Equipped with the needed electronic logging devices, truckers can now skip the manual logging process completely by logging their data through the tablets or even smartphones. This process is supported by cloud technology which makes it possible that the entered data can then be excessed by any party working in the same system through internet. This skips the need on driver’s end to update the order status on various steps at different levels and also makes the transport cycle more visible for the trucking business owners.

No doubt trucking industry software is taking a new leap by embracing the cloud technology. But the need to leverage this trend in the most beneficial way is equally crucial for the truckers. In absence of complete information about the capacity and reach of cloud technology, seamless adoption is impossible. As much as they are exciting, cloud solutions need strategic thought process and thorough knowledge for proper implementation across the organisation. With successful projects completed across the globe, Dreamorbit is gearing up to empower more organisations with its expert cloud solutions.

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