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truck logistics software

Trucking companies are becoming increasingly technology friendly for all the right reasons. Day by day new technology solutions is emerging and improvised with the help of keen interest of trucking companies. The market, or the solutions as we say, has become so big that anyone might feel lost when it comes to choosing the most relevant solution for their company. Definitely, there are top players for different technology solutions but it still doesn’t answer the question that how much technology help you need to seek for your business. We are trying to give you a brief glimpse of the most basic and essential truck logistics software available in the market to remove the confusion.

Accounting, Dispatch, Routing and tracking software are discussed in the majority when we speak about the essential trucking software available these days. But there are a plethora of integrated technology suites which performs those versatile function of trucking industry which are as important as the popular ones. It is great to know the key software which is essential to keep the trucks rolling but it would be even better if we could take a step ahead and know that what are the other suites which can be a more holistic solution for the challenges faced by the trucking industry in the current times. We are mentioning few from the similar trucking solutions here.

  • Truck logistics software

Truck logistics software is a bunch of software which helps the different aspects of logistics companies. Most of the times it is an exhaustive package with some room for customization according to the company. It includes accounting, routing, dispatch and EDI software for TL/LTL carriers. It is designed to facilitate the carrier management as well as freight broker management for the company. A complete truck logistics software suite is demanded by the large trucking companies which need to cater large freight order on a frequent basis and wants to work on a single platform across the company.

  • Truck mapping & routing software

Truck mapping and routing software have been helping the trucking companies to reduce their fuel expenses between 10-35% on an average. Their effectiveness and feasibility are attracting more trucking companies and the industry is aggressively adapting to this software solution. In 2016, stable fuel prices have helped the trucking companies to see the difference made by routing software as the fuel expenses go down. Also, the stricter CSA rules have made it a point to incline the logistics companies towards greener practices. Routing software themselves have advanced to a stage where it has become dynamic and can also accommodate the changes needed to optimize the routes instantly with the dynamic freight requirements.

  • Truck shop software

Truck shop software or truck repair shop software is a solution which gives a bird’s eye view of the fleet’s “health”. The life cycle of carriers, their repair costings, warranty recoveries, maintenance schedules, fuel and performance reports, past repair history and machine stats are made available in a single database. This improves the trucking company’s ability to analyze the best performing carriers and expand in that direction. Most of the truck shop software in present times are able to serve multi-carrier fleet and can give comprehensive reports for each carrier in the fleet. Trucking companies are inclined towards using truck shop software as it gives them an edge while filing insurance claims and also removes the scope for any error which might hamper their fleet.

  • Truck estimating software

Truck estimating software are less talked about but very important component of a seamless trucking system. Just like the accountants for the accounting systems, estimators are employed by the trucking companies to validate the time and resources consumed on different repair works of the carriers. These estimators gauge the efficiency of different maintenance and repair processes to estimate the most efficient ways. These days the reports and analysis are streamlined with the help of truck estimating software which gives accurate analysis along with the ways to improve. Though the majority of the truck estimating software are calibrated for class 7-8 vehicles a reputed truck estimating software can cater to a wide variety of multi-carriers in a fleet.

  • Truck scale software

Truck scale software is a comprehensive bunch of services which helps the trucking companies to automate the processes of dispatch, reporting, ticket printing, preparing purchase/sales order and accounting operations. The scale software is paired with accurate sensors to assess the correct loads of shipments to avoid the penalties and automate the process of shipping without a delay. Considering the respective needs, trucking companies prefer to opt for truck scale software rather than going for individual software for different tasks. There are customized versions of truck scale software available in the market depending on the different focus on invoicing, ad-hoc reporting and axle weighing system.

  • Truck loading software

A truck loading software provides the stacking and load capability of carrier more accurately to optimize loading for the trucking industry. The software finds immense relevance in the industry as the access capability of carriers which remains unused due to poor stacking or loading can be used to ship the larger amount of freight within lower expense. With the help of parameters such as storage limits, load limits, stackable and nonstackable freight, 3D interactive view and rotation around X,Y and Z axis, the truck loading software can devise a plan much faster than the human capabilities. The system can be integrated with the RFID, load sensors, and multi-platform applications to work on different carriers and easing the loading process.      

  • Truck scheduling software

Truck scheduling or dispatch software are the most basic tech solutions asked by trucking companies. Getting the dispatch done within the deadlines is a huge task and plays a crucial role in getting your shipments transported in time. A dispatch software also enables the trucking companies to convey the estimated delivery window accurately and maintain a good repo with the clients. Few dispatch software also adds the driver progress adds to the timely reports to keep an eye on the dispatch along with wireless communication between the carrier and trucking company. Dispatch software often comes with the intelligent integration of the local demographic data of the proposed routes such that the trip conditions and other aspects can be taken into consideration while planning the dispatch route.
These trucking software solutions are a complete set of services in themselves. Trucking companies need not jump in and subscribe to all of them at once. Instead, with such great options, it is time to introspect a little about the business, clientele and future visions and figure out the most challenging tasks lying ahead. This will help trucking companies to understand that which of these solutions serves the purpose for them completely or at maximum. It always pays to have fewer but dependable software solutions in hand. To know in detail about the specific services kindly check Truck logistics software available at DreamOrbit.

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