Connected Vehicle Management System redefining logistics industry with IOT

Connected Vehicle Management System redefining logistics industry with IOT

Connected vehicle management system is steadily becoming one of the most sought after fleet management solutions in 2017. The studies conducted as recently as 2015 has been able to re-establish the factors which prove a connected vehicle management system as an important influence in achieving a super efficient supply chain. The impact produced by connected vehicle management system in terms of have been quantified to understand the scope of improvements. As concluded in the mentioned study, 67% of the connected fleets have observed improvement in the driver safety behaviour. This can make a tremendous difference in the observed road casualties every year by transportation and logistics industry. Similar positive improvements are observed for vehicle and driver efficiency parameters which have led us to discuss the utility of connected vehicle management system in detail.

First, we need to understand what a connected vehicle management system implies to. Connected vehicle management system works on basic principles of Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. This means that all the units of the management system, whether static or mobile, can be in constant touch with other units. This ensures that the real-time status updates are made available throughout the system to initiate the successive processes voluntarily. For an instance, the distribution centre can initiate the dispatch process by commencing the paperwork for order dispatch once it is updated that the incoming carrier has crossed the threshold distance and will be arriving at the centre at the mentioned time. While initiating the paperwork beforehand doesn’t seem to be a big deal in theory, in practical scenarios it has helped to save valuable man-hours invested per carrier. When a distribution centre caters to carriers in hundreds, saving half an hour on every carrier makes a huge difference. Similar benefits are described below.

Vehicle Management System

Connected Vehicle Management System benefits

Preventive Maintenance and scheduling

The oil change cycle has been increased from 3,000 miles to 10,000 miles with the help of improvisations in the engine and oil quality. But preventive maintenance techniques which rely heavily on the monitoring and deducing the optimum timing where the maintenance or repairing is needed can further improve the oil change cycle. This is only one of the examples where the periodic maintenance with a more accurate estimation of requirement can save on unnecessary instances where vehicle parts are yet to reach the maintenance point. Once fed with sufficient data from a number of connected carriers into the system, the preventive schedule can be automatically triggered through vehicle management system through data analysis.

Cargo Monitoring and Asset Tracking

OBD sensors have already improved the monitoring capacity of the carriers to a great extent. In connected vehicle management system, these advancements are used to communicate the cargo status and asset location to the centre system. This helps in automatics status updates to the customers and the next dropping points. GPS receivers and GPRS communication modules have helped the carriers to easily communicate with the central operations system even in the geographies with limited connectivity. GPS receivers and GPRS communication modules have helped the carriers to easily communicate with the central operations system even in the geographies with limited connectivity.

Dynamic Route Optimization

Real world data which is used by the connected vehicle management system helps in planning routes which are already optimised for lesser fuel consumption, lesser left turns and faster deliveries. This results in greater mileage with minimised idle time. Dynamic routeing also helps in accommodating changes which are included in the planning in real time due to the uncertain factors such as weather, unplanned road blockages, sudden breakdowns and road casualties.

Automated Job Scheduling

With the help of vehicle to vehicle communication enabled in the connected vehicle management system, freight matching becomes easier and more efficient. This helps the shippers and the carriers to understand the vacant spots better and ship faster. The best aspect of automated freight matching is that the job is scheduled after taking other important factors such as scheduled route, ETA, ETD, shipment nature and shipping cost into consideration.

Driver Behaviour monitoring and improvement

With the help of instantaneous detection of aggressive driving behaviour, the vehicle management system can issue warnings and help the fleet owner in understanding the driving behaviour in detail. Speeding, rapid acceleration, sudden braking and neglecting speed limits are the major driving traits which are unwarranted for a safe trip to complete without any hassle. It is also bad for the vehicle efficiency as it puts extra load on fuel consumption, engines and tyres which contribute in faster wear and tear effect. Driver behaviour monitoring in connected vehicles helps in keeping the drivers under supervision which helps in improved driving behaviour for a safer trip.

Connected vehicle management system helps the fleet managers to develop a vehicle centric approach for managing the fleet. It not hard to understand that with the added advantage of handling a transparent supply chain, this also gives the fleet owners the leverage of better control. Connected Fleet Management Systems, which stood at 14% penetration in the market are expected to reach 26% market in the North America itself by 2018. Other markets are also projected to follow a similar trend. We have discussed few of the most lucrative benefits that can be achieved with connected vehicle management system, but the core motivation for the business owners remains the improvement in operations with lesser expenses and more savings. With the regular enquiries for connected systems which demand innovative solutions, we have been able to satisfy our clientele with affordable yet efficient solutions. If you are reaching out to know more about connected vehicle management system, let’s get in touch for a quick discussion.

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