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DreamCommerce is a hosted marketplace solution built on top of Magento open source platform such that it enhances the functionalities of Magento to handle multiple sellers just like amazon, ebay, snapdeal or flipkart does and let your seller upload and update inventory independently from seller portal.

All the features of eCommerce Marketplace as a service (ecoMaaS).

No MarketPlace Setup Cost
Out-of-the-box functionalities
No extra IT overheads

A new seller can join your marketplace by filling a registration form. Your approval would create a seller account to access the seller panel from where he can manage new orders, process returns, update inventory or raise a ticket for help.



Magento offers a one to one association between a seller and any product but in a marketplace scenario, it becomes imperative that multiple sellers are selling same product at their own price and stock. DreamCommerce can associate one product with multiple vendors each maintaining separate inventory and prices therefore, allowing buyer to choose different vendors for single product.
The default tax rules in Magento are based on single origin-dependent calculations and not suitable for taxation systems that may differs based on whether the order is intra-state or inter-state. While creating tax rates, in accordance with Magento one can create different rates for different zones based on state or range of ZIP codes. This works well for a single shop scenario since the pickup destination is the same for all orders.

However for a marketplace scenario, the taxes depends on location of both the seller and customer. Dream commerce handles multi origin , multi delivery location ,considering multi logistic partners and market fees in tax calculation.








Commissions may differ based on product categories and therefore cannot be a global setting. Magento offers a global setting for product categories which cannot be used if a marketplace is to be created.















Forward Logistic for marketplace steps sequence.





Magento offers return from customers which associate with a single vendor. In a typical marketplace one order would contain items from different vendors  and return is a more complex scenario involving multiple return destinations.

DreamCommerce provides effective return by tracking all assets right from customer return initiation to final delivery of returned item to vendors end .




Dream Commerce dashboard enables admin to see total sales records for selected vendor and payable to vendor for sales achieved for any date range, define payment cycle for each vendor.

If a payment cycle is defined, the marketplace should make payments automatically or collate payments to be made manually.

The account statement for vendor shows following information .

  • Due Amount
  • Last Payment Amount
  • Last Payment Date
  • Last 5 Orders
  • Last 5 Sub Item returns
  • Return Items In-Transit
  • Orders In Transit

DreamCommerce customized modules for site wide admin are essentially extensions of the seller side modules but allow the admin to supervise the working of the marketplace.












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Higher ROI