Our CEO, Sanchit Jain interviewed by Greatness Diaries

The Greatness Diaries is a series of interviews of leaders of various organizations. It is the blog of who’s who of India’s Inc. on creating great workplaces. In essence, this endeavor is aimed at spreading a word about perspectives and thoughts of leaders of some of the organizations on how more and more organizations can embark on their journey to be a better workplace. The repository intends to serve more objectives than just being a collection of views; it will also serve as an inspiration and a knowledge hub for those finding ways to embark on their own journey towards creating & sustaining a great workplace.

Our CEO, Sanchit Jain’s interview featured in the Greatness Diaries. Following are excerpts from the interview.

Q1. What, in your view, is the most interesting, comprehensive and simple way of defining a great workplace?

For me, a great place to work is an organization that builds strong camaraderie within the people by adding value to their lives, giving them significant as well as intrinsically rewarding work and not binding them with useless rules.

Q2. In a hypothetical conversation back in time, if you were to convince a Slave Owner to stop practicing slavery, and instead, create a great workplaces culture for his people, what would you tell him? What will be your elevator pitch to convince him to change his mind?

My elevator pitch in such a scenario would be to convey to the slave owner that by creating a great workplace culture for his people, he would be enhancing his own profits. Establishing great workplace practices will motivate and inspire the people. They will develop a sense of belongingness which would in turn drastically boost up their morale and performance that would ameliorate the slave owner’s profitability.

Q3. In your view, at a fundamental level, what would you say makes people happy at their workplace and what makes people dissatisfied at their workplace?

Giving people work that interests them, a sense of empowerment, an immensely nurturing environment that would endow them with a steep learning curve and an implicit feeling that the organization cares and regards their efforts really makes them happy.

On the other hand, lack of acknowledgment and unjust practices at the workplace can be the reason behind people’s dissatisfaction.

Q4. If you could do just one thing to make someone happy with his or her workplace, what would you do and why?

For any individual, his self-actualization needs are of topmost priority. Given just one thing to make someone happy with his workplace, the safest and surest thing to do would be to acknowledge his efforts. There is nothing more delightful than the feeling of having your hard work being recognized and appreciated. Not only does it make the person happy, but also it instantly strikes a strong chord between the two individuals.

Q5. If you were to interview and hire various people for an organization using just one question, what would that question be? What are the most important things to assess while hiring someone for an organization?

The one question that I compulsorily pose in every interview is “What do you expect from the organization?” At DreamOrbit, we are extremely particular about hiring people who would be a cultural fit to our organization; People who would be able to align their goals and vision with those of the organization. So the stated question carves a magic-eye into the candidates’ minds and makes me alive to his underlying motives and traits. This enables me to chalk out a much clearer impression of the person and whether or not he would gel up with our organizational culture.

Q6. What, in your view, makes someone want to do something? What makes people feel inspired towards a goal? If you had to inspire someone to do something, what will you do?

People get the strongest motivation to do something when they can feel a synergy between their personal goals and the task that they are performing.

People tend to get inspired when they feel that accomplishing the set goal will add meaning and value to them, nurture their mental faculties and that the successful completion of the task is possible if and only if they give their 100 percent.

So if I had to inspire someone, I would try to communicate the before mentioned aspects to the concerned person in a very coherent way. The person should feel that his individual goal coincides with the goal at hand.

Q7. What are some of your best lessons on communicating with others – on getting a message across?

Speaking from my experience, if you want to have a message sent across effectively, firstly one should keep in purview the mental state of the person being communicated to. The exchange of message should be direct and candid.

Q8. If you could meet someone who works at your organization just once in a year and ask him or her just one question, what would that question be?

I would ask him whether the work that he is doing makes him happy.

Q9. If you could teach just one thing to all the people at your organization, what would that be and what in your view is the best way to teach it?

The only thing I would like to teach people would be to have an undying quest for perfection. Change your orbit, constantly. It is up to us to progress to the next.

Q10. If you were to distribute a specific sum of profits earned by your organization between a bunch of people who contributed in different ways towards earning it, on what basis would you divide?

The most just thing to do would be to divide the profit in a way such that the individual having maximum contribution towards earning the same would be awarded with the biggest share and so on and so forth.


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