DreamOrbit contributes 1 Lakh INR for Uttarakhand Relief Fund

We care@DreamOrbit

A huge calamity has struck our brothers and sisters in Uttarakhand, where thousands have died and many more rendered homeless. As fellow Indians, it is our responsibility to help them out in any way possible. We, in all humility, have contributed an amount of 1 Lakh INR for the Uttarakhand relief fund.

We have chosen GOONJ, an NGO which is working effortlessly to provide food, clothing, medicines and much more to the victims. We know GOONJ personally, and have full faith that the money would go to the people who are in dire need of help.

We humbly urge our family and friends to contribute towards the relief fund, through various NGOs. Remember every rupee counts when the scale of destruction is as large as this unfortunate calamity has brought upon the State of Uttarkhand.

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