Electronic Logbooks for truck drivers to help them drive better

Electronic logbooks for truck drivers helps them to concentrate on the most important thing- driving efficiently. Electronic logbooks helps the drivers to manage all essential records related to the vehicle, shipment and trip without bothering about the paperwork, everything can be electronically logged and accessed from anywhere irrespective of the odds of location or time. Needless to say, this paperless method of logging is adding huge value for the shippers in terms of security and efficiency benefits.


Shippers not need to bother about the compliance issues next time with electronic logbook. Whenever necessary, the driver can retrieve or request for the IFTA, insurance receipts and thus provide necessary documentation.


In absence of manual logging the drivers save enough time during the trips to complete them faster. As we suggested above, the driver can completely concentrate on driving with an electronic logbook.

Instant Support

In case of any mishap or hurdle the operations centre can directly get notified about the situation and dispatch help promptly. Observations for delayed or unnecessary long halts are the key incidents which counts for a status check with shipment.

Fuel tracking

Fuel consumption of the carriers can be directly monitored from the operations centre. Apart from keeping a track of the shipment, fuel consumption is a key indicator of driving style and route for the shippers to judge whether they are good for future trips or not.


Since the automated logging system logs out every key detail about the journey, there is an evident impact on the driving of the drivers. They become more conscious about the road safety rules and tend to drive safer.


Electronic logging system tracks and logs in the data much more accurately than the manual process. Every milestone passed during trip and other KPIs are regularly logged to keep a check on the path of the shipment.


There is a limitation for the status updates that a driver can send during the trip. Electronic logging mechanism eradicates that and introduces a much more transparent system with higher visibility to track the shipment.

KPI dashboard

Getting information is only half work done. In the industry where time is money, it is necessary that you can collaborate and make sense out of the various stats quickly. Our intelligent KPI dashboard does it for shippers without leaving out the key details.
The features which are making Electronic logbook for Truck Drivers even better

DreamOrbit is adding up the latest tech innovations to enhance the electronic logging solutions features. The most impressive ones are

        • Manage multiple Freight Bid Procurements: TL, LTL, Trailer, Bulk, Parcel or Courier
        • Manage multimodal transportation – Air, Ocean, Rail and Truck
        • Manage multiple services from cross-dock, pick and delivery etc.
        • Carrier/Driver Settlements for single and bulk shipments
        • Send, receive and manage documents like BoLs, Master BoLs, EDI based orders and invoices.
        • Manage multiple Warehouse types: Private, public, refrigerated or packaging fulfilment
        • Support Barcode Scanning and advanced features of directed put-away, guided picking etc.
        • Process recurring billings and track collections with automated follow-ups.
        • Create and print documents like warehouse receipts, BoLs, Inventory reports etc.
        • Access status of any activity, equipment or workforce in operations
        • Analyse data for possible optimization of inventory and resources
        • Monitor performance of your workforce and score your partnered carriers.
        • Manage your service levels with your customer and receive feedbacks.
        • Predictive analytics and forecast reports helps your organization plan better for future















        • Handle all types of import and export custom transactions.
        • Manage matrix of duty charges and VAT for different product for different regions.
        • Project the complete shipment freight expense as soon as the PO is received.
        • Manage custom documentation in local languages and make payments in local currencies.
        • Update new custom rules and charges automatically in your system.




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