Essential Transport Planning Software Features for a Digital Supply Chain

transport planning software

Supply chain solution can be overwhelming at times. There are multiple factors playing crucial roles at once. The dynamic factors affecting the operations are even higher. This means that having a strong and dependable transport planning software is almost inevitable. But just like other industry factors, the pace at which transport planning software are changing is also high. Therefore, rather than aping the trends of today, transporters need to keenly observe the trends of future. This helps them to become the pioneer in the new age transportation and logistics industry. On the same lines, MHI’s 2017 survey for next generation supply chain revealed that 80% of the industry believes that digital supply chain will be the essential requirement in the next 5 years.

But where should one start to adopt a “Digital Supply Chain”. Is it only solutions? Or is it complete revamping of the transportation system? If you are also struggling with similar doubts, trust us, you are not alone. Though figuring out the next big trend in the industry is a crucial step towards success, it is not necessarily enough. With so much technical information fed to the transporters in order to understand the solutions that are part of digital supply chain, they often remain clueless that which of those can contribute to achieving the business objectives. Unsurprisingly, in a 2016 survey, Capgemini found that though 50% of the surveyed believed that “Digital transformation” is imminent, only 5% agreed that the progress towards achieving same is debatable. Supply chain industry is clearly lagging in catching up on the most important technical transformations needed.

To help out the logistics industry players in understanding the main factors which make a transport planning software “Digital” in the true sense, we have come up with 5 essential features which are must haves. There is no strict rule that any modern “Digital transport planning software” have to have these 5 features, but having these as the benchmark can pull you out from a lot of confusion. Let’s start understanding the prime offerings of a Digital Transport Planning Software.

transport planning software

Essential Transport Planning Software Features for a Digital Supply Chain

Cloud Deployment

To understand that why cloud deployments suit the core agenda of adopting a “Digital Transport Planning software”, we need to look at the main objective supply wants to achieve by going digital. The main idea is to get work done as fast as possible without getting stuck in the operations. This means reducing the turnaround time. In the case of cloud deployment of transport planning software, transporters skip the most tedious process of installation of IT infrastructure which is needed. This means that the transporter can start using the digital supply chain solution within few hours or days at max after opting for it. This makes the transition towards digital much easier and simpler even for large organizations spanning across multiple geographies. With decent support and user training, cloud based saas solutions have been able to deliver results on par or better than the substitutes. This makes them an attractive possibility for the industry.

Scenario oriented Planning

Transporters have been able to tackle certain scenarios in trips by using conditional programming in the transport planning software solutions. These were further enhanced with the inclusion of the Barcode, RFIDs and other hardware which made it possible to remove dependencies on manual processing to a certain extent. But future demands a more progressive stance, where the dynamic scenarios can also be catered in such a way that the supply chain keeps working seamlessly.

Therefore, transport planning software is getting equipped with the IOT features which help them to tackle dynamic components of logistics much more swiftly. This is majorly done with the integrated programming and intelligent analysis which tells the system that which route or decision for a particular scenario will be more beneficial for the freight in the given conditions.

Robust IOT-App Integration

IOT is one of the raging trends in the supply chain industry for some time now. But the transporters have realized that to harness the full potential of the IOT technology for the benefit of the supply chain, it needs to be integrated with the applications. Applications have infiltrated the logistics industry with their exceptional utility in keeping the operations intact and unified with seamless intra-application integrations. This has made possible for the transporters to communicate between different third party vendors and freight owners in a much faster way. To leverage IOT technology inputs, IOT-App integration can play a pivotal role for transport planning software.

Real time Visibility

It is admitted by most of the transporters that even though automation is a boon for transportation and logistics, it has its limitations too. We can definitely expedite the warehouse and inventory operations with better control over the freight in transit with automation. But it doesn’t replace the need to have a real time visibility into the operations. “Connected operations” are expanding its horizon from the 10-4 spectrum and going forward with a 24/7 tracking approach.

This means that the transporters need to have a transport planning software which can deliver freight status to them not only correctly but also in real time. This has been referred as one of the most sought after benefits of digital transport planning solutions as it can do wonders for ensuring carrier and freight safety.

Predictive analysis for data driven strategies

Conventionally, transporters have been opting for IT solutions for operational needs only. But with changing times and the added capabilities of the digital supply chain, transporters have realized that technology can provide much more than ensuring robust operations. The predictive analysis which comes with accurate data analysis is rapidly becoming a prime focus for transporters. Logistics leaders can avoid the loopholes of different business strategies and go for most beneficial one with actionable business insights churned out by the transport planning software working on the predictive analysis.

As we have mentioned earlier, these features are not exhaustive in nature when it comes to digital transport planning software. But these are definitely helpful in understanding what you need to look for in a digital solution for the supply chain. It is important to understand that transport planning software remains one of the core software solutions which works as the very heart of your supply chain. Getting it right is as important as getting your business started. Therefore, any big change which you are going to opt for your transport planning software needs to be worthy enough to take the risk.

Also the impact, whether good or bad, can be far reaching in terms of business output and expansions. Therefore looking out for the customized transport planning software solutions which can take care of bespoke requirements is always advisable. Dreamorbit is catering to customized development request for supply chain management solutions for its reputed clientele spread across the globe. We have been able to spread out so fast with the help of remarkable services provided by our dedicated team which is always helpful to address the business queries. To discuss any requirement for transport planning software, check out our contact details for a free consultation. We would be more than happy to assist you with some of the most innovative solutions available in the market.

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