Free Vs Paid, which is the best Vehicle tracking software?

Difference between the paid and free vehicle software system to judge which can be the best vehicle tracking system for your logistics company

Vehicle tracking systems are rapid taking the center stage in the bunch of most essential transport management software needed by any logistics company. With the growing popularity and upsurge of numerous options, few important questions are also arising in the quest to find out the best vehicle tracking system for the companies. With the help of a broad classification of a free online vehicle tracking system and paid online vehicle tracking system, we are finding the relevance of both. We are also trying to search that which one could be a more appropriate solution for the logistics companies.

Vehicle tracking systems are doing much more than delivering the exact location of the carriers. These systems are also contributing in adding the value to the business strategies by valuable data analysis obtained from various KPIs. The difference between an average vehicle tracking system and the best vehicle tracking system is created by the utility and accuracy of this analysis.

See through best Vehicle tracking system at,

Best vehicle tracking system is the one which helps you to “See” through the performances and functioning of your vehicles in every time frame. Irrespective of the free or paid nature of the vehicle tracking system, few KPIs remains irreplaceable for any logistics company which makes it useful for the business. The best vehicle tracking system can be judged on the basis of the performance of free and paid versions on each of these parameters.  

  • Future

Vehicle tracking system not only helps you to track the present location, it also helps you in planning for the future trips more efficiently. The data obtained from the past trips can be utilized to find out the details and insights about the individual performances of the carriers, drivers, and routes. This helps the transporter to estimate the future trips more accurately. Also, after realizing the strong routes and difficult ones for a trip, the allocation for the future trips can be done accordingly for the drivers as well as the carriers.

  • Present

Real-time status updates are one of the major reliefs given by vehicle tracking system to any transporter. One of the major headaches faced by the transporters these days is freight theft and carrier damage. In a scenario where intermodal transportation is increasing at a high rate through multichannel modes, losing a shipment can cause major trouble for the shippers. In such scenarios, if the theft or carrier damage is detected in the real-time, counter measures to control the damage and shorten the delay in deliveries can be taken quicker. It also helps in delivering a better customer experience by providing timely updates about the exact whereabouts of the shipment at regular interval.  

  • Past

Vehicle tracking system also records the various stats related to the carriers which give a clear indication about the efficiency of carriers and drivers in terms of fuel consumption, trip timing, carrier maintenance expenditure, and duration. Analysis of the past data helps in detection of any unauthorized usage, expensive routes or unaffordable driving behavior.

While most of the online free vehicle tracking system efficiently integrate with the transportation management systems and helps in the tracking goals, it lacks heavily on providing a long-term value through apt data analysis. Either the analysis and reports come in the paid versions or are absent from the offerings making it equally expensive for the transporter as the paid versions. For the first-hand experience of vehicle tracking system, free vehicle tracking system are a great tool but in order to dig deeper into the performance and efficiency improvement tactics of the fleet, one ought to take help of the paid services.

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