Do You Have A centralized Freight Brokers Software IN PLACE ?

Customer Portal

Provide your customers with a secured login that would let them Create new PO Rate and Track shipmentsAccess documents like PoD and Invoices

Sales Portal

Let your sales representative both internal and external brokers enter new quotes, negotiate, create dispatch information and communicate with carrier

Carrier Portal

Integrate with multimodal carriers and their rating system. Bid, quote and negotiate all through this portal and shorten the time required for carrier selection

Ratings and Bidding

No need to call every carrier to optimize the quote. System managed carrier load matching allows you to choose the least expensive and most dependable carrier within minutes

Dispatch Management

Create Dispatch Document within minutes of booking the carrier for shipment. Track shipment and share notes with your customer for each shipment individually

Invoices and Documents

Send and receive invoices, make payments and follow-up on collections. Keep an eye on total expenditure and settle the claims along with relevant documentation

Routing & Miles Calculation

Calculate and analyse the routing options and produce the estimations based on miles. Share the different possible routes and carrier options to the customer for varied options.

Carrier Tracking

Keep an eye on the dispatched shipments with 24/7 carrier tracking feature. Post regular updates to the customer about the shipment status to make your business more transparent.

Make your FREIGHT Brokering Software even more powerful

Take it on Cloud

With cloud-based Freight Solution your customers and carrier partners can view/update information in real-time. The data transacted is 100% secure and accessible with secured login only

Strategic API Integration

Make countless partners and consolidate business using our custom API development team to integrate with Load Boards, Rate Websites or partner’s Transportation and Warehouse Systems.

Business Intelligence

Interesting insights are uncovered when historical data is analysed. You can help your customers optimize their inventory in warehouses depending upon the historical patterns.

Multiple Access Levels

Freight brokers need to work with different levels of the system drilled down to the unit agents. Multiple access layers ensure that the respective levels get the necessary access in a limited environment.

Real-time access to Load Boards

Act fast with the real-time access to the multiple load boards. Give the freight owners the fastest service with the quicker dispatch of the freight from different load boards.

Accounting Made Easy

Work order management becomes easier and less time consuming with integrated accounting solutions in freight broker software. Manage delivery receipts, Bill of lading and invoices efficiently.

Robust Communication

Provide emails, SMS and notification updates on the customer portal to the clients about the requirements/status of the shipment regularly. It improves trust and expedites the shipping process.

LTL Capabilities

Less Than truckload capabilities help freight brokers to manage freight through multiple ports and utilize the smaller spot options too. Therefore the clients don’t need to wait even for the bigger shipments to dispatch.

Directory Access

Maintain a directory of most frequent customers and keep a track on the most efficient load boards to prioritize while bidding. It also helps freight brokers to make more accurate estimations while bidding.

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