What could you do with a Geo-fencing Apps?

Geofencing apps advances you towards the next level of bringing connectivity and automated operations in your system. With the help of strategically designed and positioned geofences, you are able to track the entry and exit of your carriers. The main utility of this system can be attained when this information is used to trigger the event based actions. In the logistics industry where asset tracking and monitoring are one of the top priorities, geofencing adds some remarkable advantages for the system.

Geofencing Apps for logistics
Real-time Dispatches & Deliveries
Arrange adhoc pickups and deliveries in real time based on proximity of the vehicle to the current location of your customer
Geofencing Route planning apps
Location – aware dynamic routing
Create new routes and geo-fences based on real-time traffic congestion reports, size and material area restrictions etc
Geo fencing Trucks using Mobile App
Geo-Triggered control actions
Data from sensors and GPS combined together can trigger actions and push notifications based on location of the vehicle
Geolocating trucks and shipments on mobile App
Location aware smart communication
Courier business can send out notification to the customer for parcel pick up as soon as they walk or drive past your local stores

Trigger based Location-aware actions on informing about the time when your vehicle enters or exits a geofenced area.


DreamOrbit team builds smart and improved geo-fencing apps with better features

Geofencing Android Apps
Reduced Battery Drain
Continuous geo-fencing and tracking can drain batteries faster. We build apps that can automatically manage GPS tracking frequency and reduce battery usage. It becomes useful for the drivers who needs to be on the road for longer time duration with limited charging options.
Develop Geofencing Apps
Reduced Development CostWe have developed Frameworks for both Android and iOS SDK over the period of time and experience. We can almost instantly prototype your product idea and kickstart the development immediately. This means you can now get more features in solutions for lesser investment.
Offline Geofencing Apps
Offline Map Support
Even in the areas with sparse internet connectivity, our application will still provide route and geo-fenced information to the drivers of your vehicle. This offline map support is as accurate as online and reduces dependency over connectivity and ensures that trip goes uninterrupted.
Geofencing Apps
Complex Geo-fencing mappingThe back-end offices can create complex geofences and assign triggers based on various contextual factors. You don’t need to put a support staff 24/7 now, instead the driver can be updated about the nearby dropping points or pick-ups with these triggers operated on geofence inputs.

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