Great Places To Work Institute’s Analysis Of DreamOrbit

Great Places to Work conducted a dimensional analysis of DreamOrbit to find out the trust index of the people.

As per Great Place to Work –

The Trust Index© model is derived from the definition of a great workplace as one where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with. This definition implies that the heart of great workplaces is in the quality of the relationships that exist there and identifies the workplace as composed of three interconnected relationships:

1 between employees and management
2 between employees and their jobs and
3 between employees and other

The following graph shows the results of their analysis:

Note: The scores in the graph indicate the percentage of survey respondents giving positive feedback



  • Communication – Communications are open and accessible
  • Competence- Competence in coordinating human and material resources
  • Integrity – Integrity in carrying out vision with consistency


  • Support – Supporting professional development and showing appreciation
  • Collaborating – Collaboration with employees in relevant decisions
  • Caring – Caring for employees as individual with personal lives


  • Equity – Balanced treatment for all in terms of rewards
  • Impartiality – Absence of favoritism in hiring and promotions
  • Justice – Lack of discrimination and process for appeals


  • Personal Job – In personal job, individual contributions
  • Team – In work produced by one’s team or work group
  • Company – In the organization’s products and standing in the community


  • Intimacy – Ability to be oneself
  • Hospitality – Socially friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • Community – Sense of family or team

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