How IoT can improve your Logistics & Supply Chain Business.

IoT is headed towards solving bigger problems for Logistics and Transportation industry starting from streamlining the operations to helping them respond to bottlenecks much better than before.  We have created an infographic that will help you understand how IoT will actually get you better operational efficiency and happier customers.

Here are the real-business scenarios that DreamOrbit has already executed for our customers. A similar article is also published on



Fleet Management with IoT:

With IoT-based Fleet Management, now the Fleet Managers are monitoring fuel consumption, engine ignition time, vehicle uptime, drivers’ behavior on the road, braking frequency, door locking status, shipment temperature. On an event where the set parameters are violated, the system can be configured to respond either by sending alerts or a carrying out an action.

IoT-based Yard and Warehouse Management:

With IoT in the picture, warehouses are introducing auto-guided docking trucks by implementing proximity experience using Bluetooth LE beacons. IoT gives sophisticated Indoor location mapping and indoor navigation now we can systemize the process such that fork-lift truck can navigate or pull brakes using these proximity sensors that are talking to system for real-time operations. Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone are going to extend the usability further.

IoT-based Customer Servicing:

One way to make your customer happy is by fulfilling the order faster and IoT helps you streamlining small bottlenecks in the chain to make it possible.  How this is carried out it, that a shipment is tagged with a GPS tracking chip that interact with the system itself. Now there will be no need for a human dispatcher to enter the details of it in system, schedule a delivery or track it. Machine to Machine interaction will automate this entire process. But this is an indirect method of making customer happy.

A more direct manner is by letting the customer scan the barcode on the shipment using their mobile phone that can push them to take action like-downloading your App, initiate request for reassembling or even returns.

Smart Performance Tracking with IoT:

Our Logistics and Supply Chain industry is plagued with rising insurance expenses and assuring if drivers are following the traffic rules. Along with the ‘Hour of Service’ regulation kicking in, measuring hours a driver spends behind the wheel and making optimal use of hours available has never been more important. Sensors on the vehicle along with mobile app will help in calculating this information accurately.


IoT solutions are beneficial in both short and long term. It is all Machine-to-Machine interaction which drastically decreases the data entry jobs of humans. The overhead cost involved in hiring skilled staff or training them for using new software is eliminated. Moreover, the human intervention will only be required if an anomaly is met, otherwise the mundane processes can carry out without much involvement hence making everything simply fast.

Similar article is also published on

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