How to choose Best Trucking Software for your trucking companies within budget?

best trucking software

The trucking industry is observing optimistic growth trends among the small trucking companies in 2015-2016. This growth can be validated in terms of overall increase in revenue also. But they still need to survive the operational challenges with limited resources in order to complete bigger projects. The major problem for trucking companies lies in scaling up even if growth is in their favor. Since they are still not as much stable as the bigger trucking companies, getting workforce off and on the board is slower and radical for them. This is the time when some advanced and innovative inputs from best trucking software can help them to take the next leap without breaking their bank accounts.

Small and medium trucking companies work with limited resources and often with multi-carriers in their fleet. This makes it important, that the technology solutions for these trucking companies can enhance their bandwidth without requiring them to invest heavily upfront. Therefore, rather than management their priority changes to optimization of existing resources which is again a challenging task. To overcome this, we suggest few technology solutions which helps trucking companies to optimize their business with minimum investment. Few basic points which make the following solutions more useful are,

  • Adaptability

Even with the limited or small workforce, adaptability can be an issue if the solutions are too exhaustive in nature. Limited functions help the truckers and staff to get the grasp quickly. When the trucking companies don’t operate vastly, these small solutions integrate easily without disrupting the existing workflow.

  • Faster Operations

Irrespective of the size of the business, it is crucial for trucking companies to act fast. Managing load boards, trucking carriers and updating clients, these few tasks generate strategic results when the help of technology is taken. Not only this, 55% truckers have accepted that a direct communication system which helps them to have a dialogue with their carriers in real time is pivotal in many ways. It helps them to satisfy their customer queries quickly and build a reputed image of being a prompt service provider. In a case of any unexpected delays and events, they can be in direct contact with the carrier for taking action immediately.

  • Systematic accounting

It is important to understand the benefits and relevance of proper documentation in trucking. Every receipt, tax order, IFTA payments, purchase order and driver log sheet needs to be accessed at any time. With a centralized and connected accounting system, information can become a strength rather than being a liability.

The above features play a vital role in easing the trucking business which makes them necessary for small as well as large trucking companies. If implemented in the relevant sections of trucking, these trucking solutions can add up to the capacity and efficiency of the company largely. Now we need to look into the ways that these solutions can be incorporated according to the needs of small trucking companies. By keeping in mind the requirements and constraints of small and medium-sized trucking companies, we are trying to figure out the best trucking service models in terms of pricings as well as a number of services provided.

  • Easy trucking Software on user basis

Many trucking software is provided on the user basis these days which helps trucking companies to cut down their overall expenses when they have only a few users. This helps service providers also, as they need to generate and maintain fewer accounts giving them a feasibility to cater to a large number of clients. One interesting point to note that these type of on-demand user based services can be switched to a higher user count plan anytime, which means that you don’t need to go through the complete process again, just get upgraded. These are available on web-based service as well as in-house installation software also. So it doesn’t add any constraint to the type of trucking service you opt for. Few trucking software services have gone a step ahead and are now providing a free subscription for a limited number of users where the truckers can use and get assured about the product before opting for it.

  • Cloud Based Online Trucking Software

With faster and improved networks and data services, cloud services are on the rise. Trucking services are also joining the bandwagon by using the cloud for almost every service. It removes lots of formal procedures from the process and trucking companies can practically start using the trucking service from anywhere within hours. This adds great convenience for the trucking companies who don’t work in a proper setup and hence can’t afford to go through the process of installations and maintaining the data. The databanks are safe and secured with the cloud-based trucking software and the only thing you left to take care of is your credentials and business.

  • Customized LTL trucking software

With LTL trucking comprising almost three fourth of the overall trucking, this is the most viable segment for the trucking companies. Even trucking software companies are coming up with the customized solution for them to cut down the overall monthly expenses as low as $150. Few trucking software services are also coming up with the PAYG(Pay as you go) model where the monthly expenses will adjust according to the usage of solutions. This helps the LTL carriers to keep their expenditure minimum without completely losing out the option to scale in case the freight picks up. This gives them additional advantage of trying multiple modules and analyze that which one works best for them.

  • App based trucking software

App based trucking software for drivers are available at as low as $50 per month. In a slightly higher budget, one can also find trucking software which can be accessed through tablets. These type of trucking software holds special relevance for the drivers who can get rid of tedious paperwork and can update the deliveries and pickups electronically via an app rather than carrying the manual receipts. App-based software is a trend for the right reasons of bringing feasibility, real-time communication, familiarity and a cheaper option. Apart from drivers the second most optimistic segment for app-based software is brokers which can access the real-time information about the load boards and carriers anytime through this.

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