How to protect your IP if you outsource software development

Sanchit Jain, CEO of DreamOrbit, which specializes in developing software for logistics & supply chain industry, talks about how to protect IP when outsourcing software development.

IP theft is a big danger for every organization. Therefore it becomes immensely important for Executives to get hold of certain regulatory mechanism and safeguard the ownership of product sensitive information. DreamOrbit follows three different ways to ensure IP protection of its customers.

First, at a contractual level, we assign the IP of the product exclusively to the client and sign Non Disclosure Agreements. Clients can also have this agreement signed with each employee on their product team.

Secondly, at a data protection level, we create virtual LANs for each client so that each client’s data is secured in its own virtual network.

Finally, at a phycial security level, the entire team remains in a physically protected area which is restricted and monitored. Only authorized employees have access to these areas.

Watch this video to see how your company can protect IP while outsourcing software development.

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